Memebox: Special #39 Cafe Box

The Memebox Special #39 was dubbed the Cafe Box as it includes beauty products that smell like "your favourite indulgent drinks from your go-to coffee joint".  Not a huge coffee drinker, but I am a sucker for coffee flavoured everythings, so this box was totally down my alley (again).  Upon first impressions, this was one heavy box, but looking at the information card, the brands contained within weren't totally unfamiliar like the initial Memebox Superbox #41.

Quick Update: Travelling

Hey guys, you may have noticed that twoplicates has gone a little MIA but that is because we're overseas :D We're off on our little asian adventure travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. During that time, we'll try to update the blog as much as we can, free wifi permitting of course ;) 

Would love to hear recommendations of what to eat, where to shop, places to visit and all the good stuff ya know. Below are some photos of our trip so far. Look out for further blog posts to see what we've been upto! 

 Singapore: Memorial Park

Memebox Superbox #41

Not too long ago, I had received a surprise package at my doorstep, and it turned out to be the Memebox Superbox #41, My Cute Wishlist.  Amongst all other subscription boxes that seem to be floating, Memebox is one of the few that consistently has eye-catching products in their boxes that I just had to get my hands on.  

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Tangleze & Giveaway

For the longest time I had always wanted to try the Tangle Teezer. It was one of those things that I really wanted, not sure if I 'needed' but had always been on my mind. For a $20+ price tag, I wasn't really sure if it was worth the splurge...I mean for a hair brush?

Bottom of the Barrel 003

We have another round of empties post! It's actually insanely hard to see some of these products til the end when they're not too exciting, but I managed to use up every last drop to feature them in our 3rd edition of Bottom of the Barrel.  Feel free to recommend some of your favourite empties at the end for us to try :D

Tiny Tuesdays: EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

The EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush is a Lauren Curtis inspired purchase. After seeing her using it time after time in her videos, I felt like I just needed it in my life ya know (although she's stopped using that and started using the Real Techniques brush which I also feel like I need to have) #problemsofablogger

Quick Picks: The Iconic 50% Off

Whenever a new season of weather comes along, it is only fitting for us to update our wardrobe to match it. If you guys don't subscribe to The Iconic (which you should), they currently have 50% off selected items with the code 'SPRING50' (sale ends 11:59 AEST, 28/09/14).  Below are some of our picks that we may or may have not already ordered :D. Everything that we've listed qualifies for the 50% and there are definitely other gems on the website that we haven't listed so definitely go check it out! 

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Blouses are really great for the in-between seasons. They are light and airy to give you some 'ventilation' for the hotter days but at the same time they are perfect for the colder days as they can button up right to the top and are long sleeved. I find with blouses, you can also dress the down with a pair of shorts or dress them up with a skirt and some heels. These are definitely the multitaskers dream, great for every occasion and weather.

Day & Night with RosehipPLUS

Rosehip oil is well known for its numerous skin benefits and multipurpose use, hence accounting for the influx of countless versions of this oil being pushed out into the market. This has resulted in the the current ownership of 4 Rosehip oils from different brands, ready to use once my current one runs out (gotta try them all)!

Bath & Body

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Well winter has passed and we’re officially into spring :) 
For the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure out what combination of stuff my skin has taken a liking towards, and what really moisturises the skin’s deeper layers.  I have rounded up 4 items (in no particular order) that were more “staples” during my body skin maintenance and shower rotation- hope you enjoy!

Liquid Gold

With the arrival of Spring and the sun slowly peeping through the clouds in Melbourne, it was only fitting to do an edit of liquid gold products. Compiled are products for the hair, face and body so without further ado! 

Bottom of the Barrel 002

I dunno about chu, but there is seriously nothing more satisfying then completely finishing up a product. For me, I think it's the fact that I've gotten my complete moneys worth on the purchase and it means I get to open up something new. This month, the majority is pretty much skincare with white packaging. Really annoying cos it is so hard to edit with a white background (#thestruggleisreal) so please excuse it for this month :3

Rimmel x Rita Ora

rimmel x rita ora collection, review, 60 seconds nail polish, colour rush intense colour balms
Recently Rita Ora has teamed up with Rimmel to create the new Colour Rush Lip & Nail Collection. It features 6 "Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balms” (what a mouthful) and 6 “60 Seconds Colour Rush Nail Polishes”.  The lip colours stay claim to stay put, offering all day comfort wear, without the sticky feeling.  The nail polish selection is divided into 3 hot and 3 cool shades, and are named by Rita Ora herself ;)
Keep reading to see what we thought about this range!

For Happy Winter Skin

If you’re living in the southern hemisphere, then your skin is probably suffering from the cold weather by showing signs of dryness and/or other irritations.  To amp up our hydration, we have been testing out Alpha Keri’s range for maintaining #happyskin during Australia’s current winter season. This range of body products are lanolin enriched to hydrate, repair, replenish and protect the skin.  Apparently lanolin is very close to the oils that are found on our skin, which means that not only is it gentle, but it can also be more easily absorbed, penetrating into the deeper skin layers.  Keep reading to hear our thoughts on some of the products in this range!

Tiny Tuesdays: L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Masque

Each time I buy masks, I always have high expectations for all the magic that'll go down when I apply them, complete with that 'ad-worthy' hair flick after I finish blowdrying and styling. I picked up this L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Masque mainly because the formula claims to have 5 proven results: "Restored, Stronger, Vitality, Silky to Touch, Healthy Shine" 

Beauty Addition 017: iHerb (Round 3!)

We were relatively controlled with our spendings the past few months... (sort of), but now we are back on board with another iHerb haul! Here's a few goodies we picked up this time around :) 

Date Ordered: 6th June
Date Dispatched: 7th June
Date Received: 24th June

Quick Fix

From time to time, we all have encountered the scenario where you're skin sobs for some decent TLC, but your daily schedule doesn't permit the time.  This is where Quick Fix* comes into your life.  These masks are targeted at different skin types, loaded with ingredients to combat whatever skin woes you may have, and best of all, they are accessible, affordable and super easy.

Beauty Addition 016: April, May & June Collective Haul

The past 3 months have been a bit dry in terms of beauty purchases. We haven't lavishly hauled anything (as we usually do) but we've managed to pick up some bits and pieces to put together a collective haul!

Bottom of the Barrel 001

Empties marks the end of the old and the start of the new. It may be something that's well loved, fairly average, or just plain awful - but luckily for you guys, we have road tested these products to the very end to give you our thoughts.

Neutrogena: The Blue Line - Part 2

Following from our previous post (which you can read here), this is part two of our Neutrogena: The Blue Line review, focusing on the makeup removing liquid and towelettes.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes // $7.99:

Neutrogena: The Blue Line

Whilst applying make-up can be a fun, therapeutic way to start off the day, taking it off can be it's exact polar opposite - a chore that's time consuming, and quite frankly a drainer when you're exhausted. The Neutrogena Blue Line* was created to make this process easier through this range of makeup removers and cleansers, leaving you with fresh and clean skin.  All the products within this line are formulated with the most sensitive skins in mind, and have all been dermatologist-tested and they promise not to disturb delicate/damaged skin.  Not sure about you, but that just ticks all the boxes for skincare in my books; keep reading to see what we thought!

The Beauty Scenario Tag

You may have seen this Beauty Scenario Tag going around for quite some time, and we were recently tagged by Tasha to do this! We're really getting on the ball with these tags recently because they're pretty fun to do! This tag had some easy, straightforward questions, yet there were some that took a little more contemplation :P

1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and only keep one high end and one drugstore. Which do you keep?

Tiny Tuesdays: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

After a hiatus of 4 weeks, Tiny Tuesday is back again for this week (yayy). On centre stage is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It claims to "glide on with ease, won't smudge or run and stays in place until you say when." To be quite honest, I didn't look up reviews for this and took a stab with this one but I was left pleasantly surprised!

Ulta3 Lip Paints

If you live in Australia, you'll know that Ulta3 is most famous for their affordable nail polishes and lipsticks. Not only are they incredibly cheap but they also come in a ton of shades. Being a fan of Ulta3 lipsticks, we were naturally more than happy to review two of their lip paints*!


According to SeneGence, LipSense is it's premier product and is unlike any other conventional lipstick, stain or colour on the market. It is a liquid lip colour, claiming to be long-lasting, moisturising, waterproof with no smearing or rubbing whatsoever! From these descriptions, it promised to be the ultimate lip lovers product and we were very excited to try it out! We were sent the LipSense set which includes the Liquid Lip Colour, Moisturising Gloss and an Ooops Remover.

Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition

If you are unfamiliar with Daiso, it is a basically a $2.80 store selling almost everything from kitchenware to stationary. With an enormous range of goods, we thought we'd share some of the of our picks and experiences, starting off with things in the bathroom ;)

Tiny Tuesdays: EcoTools Retractable Kabuki

EcoTools Retractable Kabuki is a versatile brush made to be used with powder, blush or bronzer. Made from soft, cruelty free bristles within a retractable case - it offers to be perfect for on-the-go touch ups, providing a smooth, soft finish.

March Favourites

In our recent giveaway, we asked what kind of posts you would like to see from us, and the overwhelming response was monthly favourites. We don't change up our routine too much hence why the lack of favourites posts on our blog, but here's to giving it another shot! 

Tiny Tuesdays: Maybelline FITme 220

The Maybelline FITme Stick Foundation is their first gel stick foundation that claims to be "shine-free", with the anti-shine core.  I'm just going to mention straightaway that I have been using it consistently upon acquiring this, and I would gladly buy another one when I run out.  

Beauty Addition 015: Priceline 40% off Cosmetics

If you are a long time follower & have been keeping track of our hauls, you know that when a sale comes along we can't help but resist. This was no exception when Priceline had their 40% off cosmetics sale on the 11th & 12th of March. This time we decided to buy online, mainly cos it's easier and to the avoid the disappointment of sold out products in-store. So at 12am Tuesday morning (keen much?) we jumped on the website to put in our order. At that time however, Priceline hadn't updated their sale (obviously they don't take the start of sales as seriously as we do lollll) so we ended up ordering in the morning :)

Models Prefer: Eyes

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Recently we reviewed some of the Models Prefer Lip range and to move onto the different part of the face, we're now reviewing the eyes :) This includes the Essential Brow Kit, Double Agent Kohl Liner and BIGlash Mascara.

Models Prefer: Lips

If you live in Australia then you'd know that Models Prefer is the range of cosmetics that has been developed by Priceline's beauty team, providing quality products for less.  We recently had the opportunity to try out some of their products and today we're bringing you our thoughts on some of their lip products including the Moisture Lust Glossy Lipstick, Infinite Colour Lipstick and the Infinite Colour Lipglaze.  

Beauty Addition 014: Michael Todd Ozsale Haul + Experience

Date Ordered: 31st January 
Date Dispatched: 21st January 
Date Received: 28th February 

Michael Todd True Organics has probably been one of the most highlighted skincare ranges for the past 2 years on both YouTube and Blogger. Known for their use of organic products and aloe vera juice as their base, we decided to give this highly raved brand a go! We purchased these products on Ozsale as it was slightly cheaper than the RRP on Michael Todd plus the shipping was more affordable.

Lipstick Tag!

It's been quite a while since we've done a tag!  We were tagged by the lovely Sue from suelovexx to do this tag, and hopefully you guys enjoy reading about our little evergrowing collection :)

Tiny Tuesday: Tresemme Leave-In Conditioning Spray

RRP: $11.95
Size: 295ml

The TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray is the first product on my hit list in my conquest to healthier looking hair. This product is supposed to prepare the hair for easier styling, reduce upto 80% of split ends - leaving hair more manageable, smoother, silkier and shinier. The bottle suggests to spray the product throughout damp hair and then run a comb or your fingers through to distribute the product evenly and style as usual. 

Super BB Power

After the Physicians Formula Super BB Powder had been favourited by Andreaschoice, I decided to cave into temptation and buy it on iHerb. Andrea describes it as an "all-in-one powder with SPF, high coverage & will make your skin look flawless." So with that in mind, I added the BB powder to my cart with no hesitation!

So does it live up to the hype? To my surprise Yes!     

Tiny Tuesdays: Avene Cicalfate

Avene Cicalfate is a restorative skin cream, that's made for "post-procedure or damaged skin".  While this may not be something that you need in your life at the moment, but it is something that's good to keep in your cabinet for when your skin needs that extra boost in healing.

Foodface: Third Wave Cafe {Prahran}

Third Wave 
30 Cato St
Prahran, VIC 3181

On a sunny, Sunday afternoon we decided to give a visit to Third Wave Cafe. Located in Prahran, (just a little walk from Chapel St and Prahan Market) this is the sister cafe to the long running Port Melbourne venue. For those wondering, you can take the 72 Camberwell tram from Flinders St station, get off at stop 30, add on a few minutes of walking, and you'll find yourself in front of the cafe :) 

Come with Us: Bloom Warehouse Sale

Getting to the Bloom warehouse was much easier compared to Natio.  With a half hour's worth of combined train ride, walking, with a tad of getting lost, we arrived.  The location was much smaller, cramped and the prices stuck on the walls were a little disappointing.

Tiny Tuesdays: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

Eye cream is something I'm constantly buying and trying as I have yet to find my HG under eye cream that caters to everything I need.  Let's see how the Trilogy Eye Contour Cream fares!

Beauty Addition 013: iHerb (Again :))

Ordered: 28th December
Dispatched: 29th December
Received: 3rd January

I've wanted this brush for the longest time. I love the idea how it's retractable so that it keeps away the dust and it's also great to pop in your bag for touch ups.

Dot to Dot

Before giving into the Dollywink eyeliner hype, there was a stage where I lined my eyes daily with this Holika Holika's Wonder Drawing Dot Liner.  The main marketing idea for these three-dot liners is that it's a great starter for eyeliner beginners. By using the three tips, it allows you to dot where you want the liner to be, and then draw over it. Pretty much like dot-to-dot on your eyes.  
I personally use this to dot my lash line; the three tips makes it more sturdy to hold against your eye, compared to the single tipped liner, and looks much more natural as the ends are rounded off rather than pointed.  The downside is the fact that it's just not black enough.  On first swipe, it's more of a 'diluted' black and it does require you to go over it once or twice more to achieve that black black outcome. If you use a heavy hand on your first go, it tends to dispense too much product and it would end up feathering a lot (refer to gif)  Prior to purchasing, I did come across a few reviews saying how this 'stains' your lids, which I did experience, however if you used an oil based eye makeup remover, the stain can be removed with a few extra swipes.  The staining factor is pretty much unheard of for eyeliners, but I do think it goes to show how well it stays put.  

Tiny Tuesdays: Priceline Haircare Haul

After deciding to take the plunge and do a subtle ombre on my hair (lol it's a big step for me) in combination with my hair looking like hay recently, I decided to pop into Priceline to give some TLC for my hair. Spending almost an hour in Priceline and offered a basket by at least 2 different employees, this is what I came out with!