Tiny Tuesdays: Avene Gel Cleanser

Greetings and welcome to the 6th installment of Tiny Tuesday on the Avene Gel Cleanser.   This is rinse-off formula targeted for normal-to-combination sensitive skin. As you can see, this is an empty now *woohew*. Once I trash one product, this means I get to start a new one which makes me excited for some weird reason (lol). 

The Pluses:
The formula is super gentle! It's not stripping, irritating and it doesn't leave that "tight" feeling. When my skin is feeling hypersensitive - this is my go to. Once applied to the face with moistened hands, it goes transparent spreading and rinsing off really easily. The product comes in a pump dispenser which is always a plus as there is less product wastage and the bottle is clear - so you get to see how much product is left! Another thing is that I think it smells real nice - kinda a rose scent. If you are sensitive towards fragrances, I think this is something to consider.

The Minuses:
There isn't a lock for the dispenser which means it ain't travel friendly :( It also isn't fairly great at removing make-up. In this case I either use make-up remover or use my Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser to both cleanse and remove my makeup beforehand. Whilst I think that this is a really gentle cleanser, I don't think it does much for my skin in the sense that I wake up and think my skin is "wow".

The Overalls:
If your skin is feeling sensitive and you need a gentle cleanser, I highly recommend this!
The Rating: 7/10

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