Neutrogena: The Blue Line - Part 2

Following from our previous post (which you can read here), this is part two of our Neutrogena: The Blue Line review, focusing on the makeup removing liquid and towelettes.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes // $7.99:

Neutrogena: The Blue Line

Whilst applying make-up can be a fun, therapeutic way to start off the day, taking it off can be it's exact polar opposite - a chore that's time consuming, and quite frankly a drainer when you're exhausted. The Neutrogena Blue Line* was created to make this process easier through this range of makeup removers and cleansers, leaving you with fresh and clean skin.  All the products within this line are formulated with the most sensitive skins in mind, and have all been dermatologist-tested and they promise not to disturb delicate/damaged skin.  Not sure about you, but that just ticks all the boxes for skincare in my books; keep reading to see what we thought!