#Throwback: Tasmania

Late last year, we packed our bags and flew across the Bass Strait to the cozy city of Hobart. Compared to Melbourne & Sydney, it's quite the quaint, cute, slow city. It's nature is actually quite breathtaking and I can see why people come here to retire here. So heres a photo compilation of what we did. 

Hobart Airport
Pretty accurate sizing of the airport. Small & cosy

Date Truffles

As promised, these are the truffle/bliss balls that I made, inspired from the recipe card from the last post here. Personally not a huge fan of cooking, just haven't reached the age where cooking is "enjoyable", but this ones super easy to make and only requires a few ingredients :)

Paw Paw Lip Butters the Natralus Way ;)

Paw paw ointments are such a staple in anyones bags, and we were lucky enough to be sent some *flavoured* paw paw lip butter by Natralus. These babies are in tubes of 10g each, with cute typography on a brightly coloured background- easy to find when everything else in your bag is pretty much black haha. 


Nail art is something that I've always double tapped on instagram, but never really thought twice about trying it out. The usual train of thought is like "ohhhhhh ... so pretty" *continues scrolling mindlessly* lol, probably because I'm not one to really spend a lot of time on my nails, and if I do, it's gotta be real simple. I've recently discovered nail foils and these seriously are the bomb. Cheap, doesn't take a lot of effort and it looks fancy. I chose to go for the "dispersed holographic tips" look, which is why I used the foils in a dabbing motion, but there are a heap of other ways to use them if you just look them up on pintrest :)

Garnier Hair & Body Oils

Garnier has always been a *golden brand* in my eyes lol. Ever since I started buying skincare/makeup, some of my really well-loved products have been by Garnier (e.g Micellar Water, Clean Sensitive Makeup Remover, Oil Free BB Cream and the list goes on), so it's no surprise that I would eventually test out some of their hair and body products.

Beauty Addition 018: Korea

After our overseas trip, we never got around to fully post about our overseas haulage. In Korea, we both hauled quite a bit (what's new), and we each ended up sending a box full of clothes/shoes/makeup back home. We all know our hauls can get overwhelmingly ridiculous at times (like in this post) which is why we are going to split this up, but hopefully this can somewhat satisfy that inner hauler in you and save you money LOL. 

OM NOM: Greek Yogurt & Fruit

This is a bit of a different post, but I've always been interested in seeing what other people eat to give myself food ideas. Ever since youtube videos of "What I Ate Today" started happening and showing up on my feed, I've been consistently watching them. This is just a spin on that idea. If I had to give it an accurate title, it'd be more along the lines of "What I've Been Obsessed with Eating Recently." I always have an obsession or like a phase with a meal or an ingredient and it's quite seasonal. Anyways, thought I'd just share it cos food is life and I'm sure many of you share that same train of thought ;)  

Skincare Yays of 2015

Following on from our beauty favourites of 2015, here are some of the skincare that stood out to us this year. You've probably read about some of these products in our previous posts, so if they've made it in this post, then they're here for a good reason :)

Beauty Yays of 2015

Another year has swooped by which ultimately means a post dedicated to our favourite beauty items of 2015. 2015 had been a busy year for us which saw twoplicates not being as active as we'd like it to be, however 2016 is here and what a better way to start it off by showing our best of the best.

Bottom of the Barrel 006

Last batch of the empties! It's actually going to be so good to be able to throw all this stuff out cos it's been collecting dust in my room for quite some time now hehe

Planning for 2016

Happy 2016! Staying organised is definitely easier said than done, and usually starts off optimistically but kinda goes downhill as the year goes on. To kick off the year, we've rounded up some free printable calendars that other bloggers have released :) Happy downloading!