Gratitude with Circa Home & Giveaway ;)

With winter approaching us, I always find myself poking over to the candle section of stores, sniffing out some good ones to take home to burn with the upcoming chilly season. In light of Mothers Day rolling around soon, Circa Home have released the Gratitude Collection, which includes their classic candle, diffuser, soy melts and an electric wax warmer in their limited edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood scent. Likewise with the rest of CH's range, the packaging is simple but SO pretty, and as for the candle, it has "gratitude" printed in that brushstrokes font across the cup (not sure what to call it lol). #fontonpoint.

Circa Home candles have always been known to be handmade in Australia, utilising natural soy wax and high quality fragrant oils and lead-free cotton wicks; not to mention that the glass jar and the packaging are all recyclable ;)

I've never been any good at describing fragrances, but this is from the Circa Home website describing the scent of Honeyflower & Sandalwood:
  • Top: Dewy cucumber, light musk
  • Middle: Red Rose, honeyflowers, Osmanthus
  • Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli

This scent is really nice and comforting scent, makes you think of what you're grateful for (currently grateful for being able to do placement overseas haha) and brings a sense of warmth in the room, which funnily enough, really does fit in the description of "warm and inviting as a hug from mum".

Personally, the strength of the candle is pretty decent, my whole room smells like it, and I can smell it down the hallway a bit as well. The candle has two wicks, and I've noticed the wax burns a lot more nicer compared to some other brands, as you don't get much of a tunnelling effect when you just let it burn for a short amount of time. For a candle that's worth $32.95, this is definitely worth the money considering the quality and throw of the candle is so good.

Circa Home are running a giveaway, where you just need to tell them what you're grateful for and you could be in the running to win one of the three gift packs, each worth $251.60!

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