Nail art is something that I've always double tapped on instagram, but never really thought twice about trying it out. The usual train of thought is like "ohhhhhh ... so pretty" *continues scrolling mindlessly* lol, probably because I'm not one to really spend a lot of time on my nails, and if I do, it's gotta be real simple. I've recently discovered nail foils and these seriously are the bomb. Cheap, doesn't take a lot of effort and it looks fancy. I chose to go for the "dispersed holographic tips" look, which is why I used the foils in a dabbing motion, but there are a heap of other ways to use them if you just look them up on pintrest :)

Garnier Hair & Body Oils

Garnier has always been a *golden brand* in my eyes lol. Ever since I started buying skincare/makeup, some of my really well-loved products have been by Garnier (e.g Micellar Water, Clean Sensitive Makeup Remover, Oil Free BB Cream and the list goes on), so it's no surprise that I would eventually test out some of their hair and body products.