Lipstick Tag!

It's been quite a while since we've done a tag!  We were tagged by the lovely Sue from suelovexx to do this tag, and hopefully you guys enjoy reading about our little evergrowing collection :)

Tiny Tuesday: Tresemme Leave-In Conditioning Spray

RRP: $11.95
Size: 295ml

The TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray is the first product on my hit list in my conquest to healthier looking hair. This product is supposed to prepare the hair for easier styling, reduce upto 80% of split ends - leaving hair more manageable, smoother, silkier and shinier. The bottle suggests to spray the product throughout damp hair and then run a comb or your fingers through to distribute the product evenly and style as usual. 

Super BB Power

After the Physicians Formula Super BB Powder had been favourited by Andreaschoice, I decided to cave into temptation and buy it on iHerb. Andrea describes it as an "all-in-one powder with SPF, high coverage & will make your skin look flawless." So with that in mind, I added the BB powder to my cart with no hesitation!

So does it live up to the hype? To my surprise Yes!     

Tiny Tuesdays: Avene Cicalfate

Avene Cicalfate is a restorative skin cream, that's made for "post-procedure or damaged skin".  While this may not be something that you need in your life at the moment, but it is something that's good to keep in your cabinet for when your skin needs that extra boost in healing.

Foodface: Third Wave Cafe {Prahran}

Third Wave 
30 Cato St
Prahran, VIC 3181

On a sunny, Sunday afternoon we decided to give a visit to Third Wave Cafe. Located in Prahran, (just a little walk from Chapel St and Prahan Market) this is the sister cafe to the long running Port Melbourne venue. For those wondering, you can take the 72 Camberwell tram from Flinders St station, get off at stop 30, add on a few minutes of walking, and you'll find yourself in front of the cafe :) 

Come with Us: Bloom Warehouse Sale

Getting to the Bloom warehouse was much easier compared to Natio.  With a half hour's worth of combined train ride, walking, with a tad of getting lost, we arrived.  The location was much smaller, cramped and the prices stuck on the walls were a little disappointing.