Bronzed Mosaic

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Purchased during the MUA heated 50% off sale haul earlier in the year; I must admit that this has been neglected due to the amount of bronzers accumulating in my drawer.  I was am currently heavily in a bronzer phase, where the need of buying more and more bronzers is without question- simply necessary.  
There's a total of 6 shades within this mosaic, varying from dark brown/nude/mauve and lighter shades of light coral/pink/yellow, and once you blend them all together, it becomes a light brown with very slight flecks of shimmer.  

Beauty Addition 008: Priceline 40% off Skincare Sale

A couple of weeks ago Priceline rolled out a not to be missed 40% off skincare products. It seemed like fate was knocking on our doors telling us replenish our stocks & purchase new products. So what did we do? We let fate lead the way & headed to our local stores.

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Ebay Finds

Ebay is a great platform to buy and sell items. From stationary, jewellery, clothing & technology pieces - (almost) everything imaginable can be searched with access to both local and international sellers. Over the past 6-12 months we have purchased various items and we thought it was about time to share some of those with you!

Giving a Little Love

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Thanks to the constant promotional emails from Urban Outfitters, I crumbled under temptation and placed an order.  I came across the famous NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams whilst browsing around the beauty section; and at $12 for the trio…how could I say no?
This trio set contains the shades Tokyo ("delicate baby pink"), Antwerp ("natural nude") and Addis Ababa ("flashing hot pink").  They contain 8mls of product, and all have the same rich & creamy vanilla ice-cream scent, which disappears when the product is applied.
All the following images can be enlarged via clicking on them.  I left the lip swatches unedited (aside from a few brightness tweaks) to give a true idea of how they look & sit on the lips.

Nuffnang Product Talk: myprosperity

Without a doubt, I'm sure everyone has whispered the words "I really need to stop spending." Following this, there comes the ultimate proclamation of the "spending ban."  For a couple of days you are good and practice self control until there's this one item that catches your eye.  You ummm and you ahhhh and you convince yourself that it's only one item & that you deserve it for being SOOOOO good these past few days.  You splurge and then it comes around to "I really need to stop spending." Consequently, you somehow find yourself back to square one - restarting the cycle! Yup.  Guilty as charged *puts hand up*