Seven Days, Seven Photos 001


1st Row:  Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio  ϟ  Beautybay package!
2nd Row:  Bento Box #4 from Shuji Sushi  ϟ  Us at Torquay Beach!  ϟ  Pancake Parlour short stack
3rd Row:  C.O. & Myer buys  ϟ  7/11 Slurpee!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm vs. FOA Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons

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We recently got our hands on the much hyped Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, *hooray*!
So we decided to do reviews for both the Face of Australia (FOA) Lip Crayons and the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain together, since the underlying concept is pretty similar: a cheaper alternative to Clinique Chubby Sticks lol

Beauty Addition 001: Benefit Haul

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For a while now, we had always wanted to do a Benefit haul but never got really round to it until we got an email saying that they were having a sale and free international shipping over $90 (normally free over $125). So after doing a cart, turns out we spent $188 so we didnt even need the free shipping code XD Anyways here's what we bought! 

Note: some of the items are not on sale anymore D:

Ordered: January 6th
Arrived: January 17th

Novelty Item 001 : Skwish Bottle

skwish bottle, green, officeworks, aqua to go, foldable,Product Details
Brand: Skwish By Aqua To Go
Colours: Blue, Pink and Green
Volume: 470mL
RRP: $1.99
Retailer: Officeworks

 To literally describe it, its a "bag of water."
Due to this feature you get the flexiblity of being able to stand it up, lay it flat or fold it - perfect for squishing in your bag without it sticking out! It also has a hole on the side and a clip... so you can clip it to your bag or wherever you want I guess :)

An Extra Cherry on the Top : Lovisa Online Haul

After visiting the Lovisa store and really liking their current stock, I decided to check out their online store! The first thing that caught my eye was their current sale (upto 70% off) and free standard delivery with tracking over $20 (woohoo) which ultimately lead me to whip out my trusty debit card.

Order: placed on the 28th December

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Double Spike Ring
50232598 1 AUD $3.00
Orange Cone Stretch Bracelet 50246847 1 AUD $5.00
Red Triangle Stud Earrings 50248704 1 AUD $3.00
Turquoise Multi Skull Bracelet 50247165 1 AUD $5.00
Gold Tone Geometric Box Charm Necklace 50234561 1 AUD $7.00

                                                                                                                             Total:              $23.00

Wardrobe Addition 001

clothing, haul, forever new, belt, gold studs, dotti, grunge shorts, lovisa, turqoise skull, necklace, savings

Forever New White Waist Belt with Gold Studding (M)
RRP: $24.99(?) lost the tag lol...
Purchased for: $8.48
Saving: 66% 

 Dotti Red Grunge Shorts (size 10):
RRP: $49.95
Purchased for: $9.95
Saving: 80%

Lovisa Turquoise Skull Necklace:
RRP: $14.99
Purchased for: $7
Saving: 53% 

YAY for savings hehe

Foodface: Tom Turtle

Tom Turtle
169 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Salted Caramel Crepe with Creme Brulee Cubed Ice Cream

Tom Turtle is a dessert house specialising in premium cubed ice cream. Upon first glance I was really intrigued by the idea - " ice cream in a shape of a cube!".When our order came out however it suddenly became "its just an ice a shape of a cube..." haha

The crepes were made near the front register, and the cubed ice cream was "made" on the far back side of the store.  Because of this, the food was served to us separately; the crepe came to us first on a plate that was too big *refer to pictures*, and the ice cream came around 10-15 mins later on a smaller plate.  Based on the pictures, you can pretty much see how boring the presentation was, and considering it was a dessert house, we expected the food to be presented better.

NOTD 001

nails, NOTD, rubi nail polish, melbourne, australia, purple, glitter, pretty, cheap,

RUBI nail enamel in "disco inferno"; two coats :)
RRP: $2.95
{excuse the messy cleaning up :P}

Buildable, metallic color, but it gives you that weird streaky finish if you apply your second coat without the first one drying completely, like those 5 second drying nail polishes.

Best Friends Tag :)


1.  How and when did you meet?
L: In high school! I’m pretty sure we met outside one of the art classrooms... with a handshake ;)
M: end of year 11. I still remember that handshake LOL it was a pretty awkward one...

2.  What is your favorite memory together?
L: I think we have a lot, I can’t really think of one as a favourite from the top of my head... :P
M: yea cant think of one either...eating dessert together is a top contender XD

3.  Describe each other in ONE word.
L: Amazing :)
M: thepackage - its one word cos theres no space & ‘the’ doesn't really count as a word :P

4.  What's your favorite makeup brand?
L: ermmmm I don’t think I have one where I like everything that is released by that one brand... I have a bit of everything from everywhere :)

M: don't have one either but I do have a lot of shiseido things....namely cos my aunty used to work at the myer counter there and i got a discount (woohoo) :3

5.  What is something that annoys you about the other person?
L: I don’t think there’s anything... although mon needs to be a bit more cautious of people when she walks... she walks into people lol and I worry :P
M: lin is a serial offender when it comes to keeping receipts in wallets. had to put it out there XD