Beauty Addition 003: MUA Cosmetics

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Make Up Academy (MUA) recently hit 50 000 likes on their facebook page and as a reward for their facebook fans, they had 50% off and free worldwide shipping. We've always heard a lot of good things about MUA so we decided to take advantage of this generous promotion :3

Review: Benefit's CORALista

Recently we did a Benefit Haul and one of the things we both purchased was Coral My World. This is a box set which included a deluxe sample of the blush Coralista & the highlighter Sun Beam. The main reason we bought this was essentially to "try it before you buy". Today we'll just be reviewing Coralista.
benefit blush coralista review swatches twoplicatesbenefit blush coralista review swatches twoplicates

Beauty Addition 002: Experience

As you can tell, we have finally gotten our hands on the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palettes! 
We ordered this at the beginning of the year, but due to certain difficulties, we only have posted now so keep reading to find out what happened...

Order Date: 2nd January 
Dispatched Date: 3rd January
Received Date: 14/15th January
excuse the fuzzy pictures!

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette
RRP: $50.63 (at time of purchase)
Purchased for: $45.57 each
Saving: 10% (used promo code)

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
RRP: $28.13 (at time of purchase)
Purchased for: $25.31
Saving: 10% (used promo code)

SOTD 001: A Bear Batman

FOTD - OOTD - NOTD, I'd like to introduce you to a new family member.... SOTD: Sock Of The Day :D

So basically..... I really really like socks - from cute and silly to plain and frilly :)

I thought it would be something random but kinda nice to blog about....even thought it's a little odd and weird haha....oh wells. Anyways without further ado, here is the pair I wore today:

Batman Bear Socks
Retailer: I got them recently when I went travelling to South Korea (Myungdong Street Trolley Vendor)
Purchased for: 1000won (~$0.90AUD)

Cheappppp right?!? :D :D
Really can't wait for winter so I can wear my thick socks :3

Since I bought it overseas I thought I'd ebay it for you guys....the price is pretty inflated tho D: D: so I'd suggest maybe checking out gmarket - a "korean ebay" (but international shipping is very expensive) or else if you have a  friend travelling there to get you a few pairs! If not the links you can purchase them here and here :)

David Jones: Instore Beauty Freebies

 If you guys didn't know, every couple of months David Jones releases a beauty catalogue. 
In this catalogue, it has bunch beauty offers such as receiving a deluxe gift pack with any purchase over a certain amount, GWP, as well as instore offers for consultations and some samples.
Not going to lie but we love nothing better than free samples haha
Some of these offers we picked up included a free 50ml sample of the highly raved Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and a Sisley Eye Contour Mask. Both full size products are fairly pricey (450ml Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is $110 and 30ml Sisley Eye Contour Mask is $150) - so picking up a sample of these to try to see if it works for you would be a good idea before splurging! 

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Wardrobe Addition 003:

After seeing a bit too frequently during ad breaks on TV, I decided to finally check out the site, and see what all the fuss was about...
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img cr:

Britnet Knitted Cut Out Back Top- Cobalt (size 8)
Product Code: azz64117
RRP: $20.00 $16.00
Purchased for: $12.80
Saving: 20% (UniDays Discount Code)
Buy Me

Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics Setting Powder

For both of us, this was definitely an impulse buy, as neither of us really "needed" a setting powder, but after considering the price special and given 5 minutes later, we came to a new conclusion that we needed something to set our foundation.

The Product Lowdown:
 This setting powder is part of Gorgeous Cosmetics' AIRSPIRE range, which consists of the Airbrush Foundation, Airbrush System, as well as this Setting Powder.