Wardrobe Addition 003: Boohoo.com

After seeing boohoo.com a bit too frequently during ad breaks on TV, I decided to finally check out the site, and see what all the fuss was about...
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Britnet Knitted Cut Out Back Top- Cobalt (size 8)
Product Code: azz64117
Retailer: Boohoo.com.au
RRP: $20.00 $16.00
Purchased for: $12.80
Saving: 20% (UniDays Discount Code)
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Onto the item; its a thin cardigan material, and is semi sheer.  The colour and material is pretty true to the images on the website, which is why I didn't include pictures of my own.
My only complaint was that the lining of the collar region and the cutouts were in a stiff chiffon material (you can sort of tell from the product images), but I had hoped it would look a bit better in person.  I wish there were material listing of each item though as I get super picky with materials.  Overall, I quite like the top, and I can see myself getting a fair amount of wear out of it :)

Order Date: 26/01/2013
Received Date: 06/02/2013
I have included some screen shots from my tracking, for future reference.
From the first screen shot, you can use the "Carrier Reference" and put that code into your country's online tracking service.

boohoo, review, haul, clothing, blogger, twoplicates, beauty blog, trackingboohoo, review, haul, clothing, blogger, twoplicates, beauty blog, tracking

First impression
The website looks a bit tacky.  It was easy to navigate around though.
Website Pro’s
- Unidays Student Discount Codes frequently available
- Extensive search refiner (even to which magazine the item was featured in) - Click view the product item in various colours without clicking on the item itself
- Allows you to view the item in catwalk mode
- Customer reviews available for each item (like U/O)
- Returns centre in SA (convenient for us Aus. customers)
Website Con’s
- Doesn’t stock big brands like Asos
- Free shipping to Australia & New Zealand on all orders, with tracking provided
- Shipping prices vary from $6-$11 for other countries
Would purchase from here again, as the prices are pretty affordable for most items; and there are endless pages to flick through :) The shipping speed & packaging are both decent.


  1. the back detail on it looks great! and I love cobalt blue :)

    Steph // giveaway fun size beauty

  2. wow gorgeous blog! :)
    the top looks super cute!!! <3

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  3. Love boohoo xx


  4. the top is amazing!!!
    love how surprising the back looks!

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  5. I have never ordered from Boohoo but it sounds promising!


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  7. I love that top! I should try boohoo, I see/read about it all the time! Can't beat free shipping :) xx

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    i love the back design of the cut out top! it looks super cool

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  10. I was going to say that they do list the materials under "details and care" but that one doesn't.
    I order from there all the time. Some things have been of poor quality but other things I have loved. For the price and the fact its free delivery I really like it.

  11. What a great review, I have been quite intrigued by Boohoo a few times but have yet to buy from them, I have bought from ASOS though!

    It's good to know that it's legit and trustworthy. :)
    That top is really cute, I'd have bought it too!


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  15. Such a detailed review, I think Boohoo is great :)


  16. sounds like they have some really great prices. thanks for a fab review! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  17. that shirt is super cute! Thanks for checking out my blog!


  18. The top looks so amazing. I love the color so much. I how shipping to the Philippine sis not that expensive. :(

    The Sun Kissed Girl

  19. I love the top's back detailing and the colour of it is just amazing :)


  20. i love the shirt you ordered, very unique:) i also want to say that i love such detailed reviews about onlineshops! thanks for that:)

    lots of love xx