Brush Cleaning Made Easy: DIY Parian Spirit

After seeing Jen (frmheadtotoe) blog about her parian spirit brush cleaning method (jar with cross-hatches in particular) and how easily it removed the makeup residue from her brushes, we’ve been on the hunt for something similar in concept ever since.
The daiso detergent has been a staple brush/sponge cleaner for many, and after seeing how well it worked on myteeefine’s dense brushes, we were pretty sold.

Super Lining

After having tried various hyped gel liners such as the much loved Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner, and various korean ones, none of them had the longevity I wanted and it's safe to say they all gave me intense racoon eyes within 3-4 hours.
You might have noticed this little number in our HK Haul here, and after 3 months of consistent use, I must say it is just as creamy and long lasting as the day I opened it :)

Twitter Us + A quick freebie :)

From time to time, we come across sales, promotions & freebies, so instead of posting it on blogger all the time we thought twitter would be better alternative :)

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Just be forewarned, you may suffer from impulse-shopper-itis and temptations!
However on the plus side, your wallet will lose some weight :3

So we will end this post with a quick heads up to head over to the

Empty Your Piggybanks: Benefit Sale-Abration

Just a heads up that Benefit is having sale on their website ! woohooo :)
As you may have known, earlier in the year we did a Benefit Haul (here) and most of the products we picked up at that time are on sale again !


Benefit has FREE international shipping (excluding orders to China, France & Brazil) for orders over $90 with the code