Tiny Tuesdays: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

Eye cream is something I'm constantly buying and trying as I have yet to find my HG under eye cream that caters to everything I need.  Let's see how the Trilogy Eye Contour Cream fares!

Beauty Addition 013: iHerb (Again :))

Ordered: 28th December
Dispatched: 29th December
Received: 3rd January

I've wanted this brush for the longest time. I love the idea how it's retractable so that it keeps away the dust and it's also great to pop in your bag for touch ups.

Dot to Dot

Before giving into the Dollywink eyeliner hype, there was a stage where I lined my eyes daily with this Holika Holika's Wonder Drawing Dot Liner.  The main marketing idea for these three-dot liners is that it's a great starter for eyeliner beginners. By using the three tips, it allows you to dot where you want the liner to be, and then draw over it. Pretty much like dot-to-dot on your eyes.  
I personally use this to dot my lash line; the three tips makes it more sturdy to hold against your eye, compared to the single tipped liner, and looks much more natural as the ends are rounded off rather than pointed.  The downside is the fact that it's just not black enough.  On first swipe, it's more of a 'diluted' black and it does require you to go over it once or twice more to achieve that black black outcome. If you use a heavy hand on your first go, it tends to dispense too much product and it would end up feathering a lot (refer to gif)  Prior to purchasing, I did come across a few reviews saying how this 'stains' your lids, which I did experience, however if you used an oil based eye makeup remover, the stain can be removed with a few extra swipes.  The staining factor is pretty much unheard of for eyeliners, but I do think it goes to show how well it stays put.  

Tiny Tuesdays: Priceline Haircare Haul

After deciding to take the plunge and do a subtle ombre on my hair (lol it's a big step for me) in combination with my hair looking like hay recently, I decided to pop into Priceline to give some TLC for my hair. Spending almost an hour in Priceline and offered a basket by at least 2 different employees, this is what I came out with!

{ENDED} Thankyou + Bloggiversary Giveaway !

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It's been a little over a year (12 days to be exact) since we clicked publish on our first post, and we wanted to say a big thank you to those who followed us, those who consistently took the time to read and comment on our posts, and not forgetting ya'll anonymous readers out there :) We have put together a humble care package to give away to one of our lucky readers, so keep scrolling for more details on how to enter and yes, this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY :D!

Matterial Bluff

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Finally getting around to reviewing these! Picked these two babies up on our first Benefit haul last January, and have been using these on and off throughout last year.  

Beauty Addition 012: Priceline 40% off Skincare (Again!)

A'kin Vital Hydration Facial Gel Creme // $35.99 $21.59
Currently in amidst of finding another moisturiser that I can have on rotation.  I was looking at the ingredients list on the Priceline website and it only mentioned the "main" ones, however I stupidly thought that it was all it had.  On the positive side, A'kin products claim to be vegan and free from sulfates, parabens and fragrances, just to name a few.  Would love to hear your experiences with products by this brand as I'm a little on the fence to as whether I should return it or not.