Beauty Addition 013: iHerb (Again :))

Ordered: 28th December
Dispatched: 29th December
Received: 3rd January

I've wanted this brush for the longest time. I love the idea how it's retractable so that it keeps away the dust and it's also great to pop in your bag for touch ups.

Suprisingly I don't have flat top kabukis. I've got 3 angled flat ones but none that are flat all across. I think Youtuber Lauren Curtis uses this brush to apply her foundation and her skin looks flawless with it.

I think this is just a staple to have. Particularly good for darker shades that need the precision. It has a lid that's perfect to throw in your bag for touch ups later on.

Apparently this is a dupe for Dior's Amber Diamonds.  Looking at swatches it looks fairly similar so for the fraction of the price why not. 

Reading the reviews on these someone mentioned that these were really good for dry elbows. Since summer is here in Australia and we got our elbows exposed out more often, I thought this would be great to keep them looking their best.

Another purchase influenced by a Youtuber.  Rachel Jade mentioned this in her iherb haul and the brush seemed to be just the right size for concealing and under the eye setting powder tasks.

Have been wanting to try dry brushing for literally aaagess! Youtuber Tati (glamlifeguru) raves on and on about her consistent skin brushing, and her skin looks so flawless and youthful, so yay for finally getting my hands on the same brush she uses :)

Now Foods, Avocado Oil // $5.34
Oil Cleansing Method is something that I wanted to try on and off for quite some time.  I've only been searching for avocado oil in generic supermarket chains, and I still cannot find them, so iHerb was naturally the way to go!

Heritage Products, Castor Oil // $3.71
Caster oil is supposed to be one of the "mixer ingredients" to oil cleansing as it's the oil that does most of the cleansing.  Got it for its "pure, cold compressed" and the "hexane free" claims.

Shipping, DHL Express - International // $8.00
This was the only available option as our items were more than 4 pounds in weight. The normal $4.00 shipping I think was just as fast as express from previous experience. Could be just that it was New Years and that interfered with the shipping time.
Combined with previous iHerb experience, I think it's safe to say iHerb does a pretty good job in terms of customer service, packing and shipping.

What have you recently bought at iHerb?


  1. OMG love ur blog! It's so cute <3


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