Dot to Dot

Before giving into the Dollywink eyeliner hype, there was a stage where I lined my eyes daily with this Holika Holika's Wonder Drawing Dot Liner.  The main marketing idea for these three-dot liners is that it's a great starter for eyeliner beginners. By using the three tips, it allows you to dot where you want the liner to be, and then draw over it. Pretty much like dot-to-dot on your eyes.  
I personally use this to dot my lash line; the three tips makes it more sturdy to hold against your eye, compared to the single tipped liner, and looks much more natural as the ends are rounded off rather than pointed.  The downside is the fact that it's just not black enough.  On first swipe, it's more of a 'diluted' black and it does require you to go over it once or twice more to achieve that black black outcome. If you use a heavy hand on your first go, it tends to dispense too much product and it would end up feathering a lot (refer to gif)  Prior to purchasing, I did come across a few reviews saying how this 'stains' your lids, which I did experience, however if you used an oil based eye makeup remover, the stain can be removed with a few extra swipes.  The staining factor is pretty much unheard of for eyeliners, but I do think it goes to show how well it stays put.  

So in the first two rows, you can see that the colour is more like a greyish black, and the 3 dots are close together enough for you to dot this through your lash line.  I went over the same line a few times to create the blacker black lines on the bottom two rows; and you can see that you can create both thick and thin lines with it.

I only used the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to remove this, and as you can see from the during and after photos that the remaining stain is still pretty visible, although this would really give off the thickening-of-lashline effect on your eyelids.

Overall, I really do enjoy using this product, but I just don't lean towards it anymore as I have moved from my dotting days to just a standard winged liner (ma hands more sturdy now).  You definitely don't need to worry about it transferring as it stays put throughout the day- no matter how oily your lids are, and the 'diluted' black you get from one swipe means it is more forgiving.  There are currently various brands releasing this sort of 'dot' liner, namely Clarins and Too Faced, but this is one of the cheapest ones in the market (from my knowledge), and aside from longevity and buildable colour, I'm not sure what else you'll need from an eyeliner!  Would highly recommend beginners to try this out if you're still iffy with liquid liners :)  Oh and I purchased mine off a reputable seller on ebay!

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