Tiny Tuesdays: Priceline Haircare Haul

After deciding to take the plunge and do a subtle ombre on my hair (lol it's a big step for me) in combination with my hair looking like hay recently, I decided to pop into Priceline to give some TLC for my hair. Spending almost an hour in Priceline and offered a basket by at least 2 different employees, this is what I came out with!

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask (not pictured) // 2 for $20
This is a repurchase and after living without it for a month, I've realised how much I have missed it! I use it everytime I shower - mixing it in with my conditioner (as I'm lazy and it saves water with all that waiting time).

Toni & Guy Sculpting Powder // 2 for $20
Basically to give my roots some mattification (is that a word?), texture and volume.

TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In Conditioning Spray // $4.99
Possibly an impulse buy as Priceline had 50% off TREsemme. I don't really do much for my hair post-showering so thought this could be an extra step to add extra nourishment. 

Napro Super Soft Repair & Care Instant Care Lotion // $2.99
This might also be an impulse buy as it was on sale and it had that 100% Cash Back Promise Sticker. The cashback ended in 2012 but I still wanted to give it a try as the Napro seem very confident with this product. Like the TRESemme, this is a leave in conditioner so these two products will be battling it out for my heart and hair.  

Have you tried any of these products before? 

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