Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics Setting Powder

For both of us, this was definitely an impulse buy, as neither of us really "needed" a setting powder, but after considering the price special and given 5 minutes later, we came to a new conclusion that we needed something to set our foundation.

The Product Lowdown:
 This setting powder is part of Gorgeous Cosmetics' AIRSPIRE range, which consists of the Airbrush Foundation, Airbrush System, as well as this Setting Powder. 

What Gorgeous Cosmetics claims about this powder:
This finely milled foundation setting powder is designed to be light reflective and soft enough to “set” Airspire Airbrush Foundation without caking. The micronized, high definition texture helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines, conceal enlarged pores and diminish the appearance of uneven texture.
What we think:
The powder is indeed super soft, well milled, and a major plus for me was that when you applied it under the eyes, it didn't settle into fine lines, however I don't see any less of an appearance of fine lines, nor concealment of enlarged pores.   
By definition, a setting powder is supposed to set your foundation/base makeup so it lasts longer throughout the day, and help to remove and prevent excess shine; but this powder didn't work out as well as I had hoped.  My t-zone is my main oily region, and although this powder does help mattify it for a few hours, it wore off throughout the day.
 The Packaging:
 Overall: Decent
It comes with stock standard compact case; mirror on the lid, powder, and the bottom compartment for the powder puff.  I had set higher hopes for this powder, considering the hefty RRP. Would've been really awesome if it was red like its foundation counterpart.
Packaging Positives:
The embossed "g" on the powder made it above average lol. I also liked how it has "breathing holes" underneath for the powder puff as well.
Packaging Negatives:
It's a little hard to open - definitely can’t open with one hand. Feels a little rubbery
Colour Availability:
In terms of color match, it was pretty good, there was a broad range of colours of both powder and foundations available, so finding your perfect shade won't be a problem :)

The Dealmaker: 
It's safe to say that the price was main deciding factor for us.
Overall, it is a decent powder, does the general job, and but it isn't something I'd rush out to buy.

Retailer: David Jones 
Instore RRP (12g): $69.00

AU Website RRP: $45.00 (..why is it different :/)
Purchased for: $17.15 each (@DJ's)
Saving: 75%

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gorgeous cosmetics, setting powder, review, photos, twoplicates, beauty blogger, melbourne,  gorgeous cosmetics, setting powder, review, photos, twoplicates, beauty blogger, melbourne,


  1. I thought you used Gorgeous as an adjective, turned out it was a brand! Lol. It looks interesting! :)


  2. Wow, it is really pricey at DJs! At least you managed to nab it for much cheaper. Sounds like a decent powder though nothing miraculous - it's hard to find a powder that keeps the t-zone oiliness at bay for the whole day.

  3. aah.. tooo expensive :c
    love the packaging.

  4. Really nice! I love this pics :)
    Follow you :) golden-ivy.blogspotcom

  5. I really like the packaging, glad it worked out for you =)

  6. Wow! How did you get it for $17.15?? Such a good price.