Review: Benefit's CORALista

Recently we did a Benefit Haul and one of the things we both purchased was Coral My World. This is a box set which included a deluxe sample of the blush Coralista & the highlighter Sun Beam. The main reason we bought this was essentially to "try it before you buy". Today we'll just be reviewing Coralista.
benefit blush coralista review swatches twoplicatesbenefit blush coralista review swatches twoplicates

benefit blush coralista review swatches twoplicatesbenefit blush coralista review swatches twoplicates
Coralista in Direct Sunlight           Coralista in Natural Lighting

Pinky-peachy-coral colour with a subtle golden shimmer. It's well pigmented but at the same time it's really easy to blend
Finely milled & really smooth
Subtle citrus fruity smell - its pretty nice!
So far there haven't been had any reactions or break outs. Make sure to read the ingredients though if you know you're allergic to something :)
The packaging for the sample is a malleable plastic. I wish it was a bit better but because it's a sample & for the price - I'll let it slide. It's also a bit hard to swish your brush in it as well but again...its sample sized XD
This product is highly accessible - the full sized product can be bought instore or online. The sample sized product - I've only seen it online (if you live in Australia that is :P)
$10.00 USD (Benefit Website + a sample of Sunbeam) // Buy Me
Full Size:
cheapest: $28.00 USD (Benefit Website) // Buy Me
most expensive: $51.00 AUD (Myer/David Jones) // Buy Me

Overall Thoughts: 
 This blush has been raved about on the blogging world and I really can see why!
Coralista is the kind of blush you would use if you wanted natural pop of colour on cheeks. I can see the shade flattering most skin tones and the shimmer gives a really nice subtle illuminating look. It's really smooth texture wise, easy to blend & smells really good. There is nothing really to fault ! 
If you're still on the fence about this I really do recommend buying the Coral My World box.

Would I purchase the full size?
 If my sample runs out and I have a healthy wallet - I most certainly would! :)

 What are your thoughts on Coralista?


  1. This was one of the first blushes I bought, in the sample size with Sun Beam! I love the glow it gives. I would also get the full size once it runs out, the packaging for Benefit blushes are cute~

    1. yea the packaging is great! i love the names as well - so quirky!

  2. Aww the colour looks so pretty! I'm in need of new blushes but the price is so absurd at DJs and Myer. Great post!


    1. i agree - the price is so inflated! lucky benefit does international shipping!

  3. It's gorgeous! I'll have my (utterly disappointing in terms of customer service) Benefit haul up soon too but sadly I didn't buy Coralista! Wish I had now... damn!

    1. so disappointing that you had a bad experience with benefit when our order was fine :( looking forward to what you got though :)

  4. its so pretty blush.. Thanks for reviewing it

  5. i have the Coralista in my makeup slash. love it!! :)

  6. What a lovely blog you have :)
    I've just followed yours, do you mind to follow mind too?

  7. that blush color is amazing dear! :)

    xx the cookies

    bisou :)

  8. I have that blush and I love it so much!!! <3 I love all of Benefits blushes btw hehe


  9. I love Benefit blushes. I have Bella Bamba, also in a deluxe sample, and it's just great. I love how well they blend. Also, a travel size kabuki works pretty well for getting the product out in the DS. Nice review!

    Have a nice day!


  10. Haven't tried Coralista yet, but it's definitely on my wishlist!

  11. Ohhh this is so pretty :) I normally tend to stick with pinks, as they look nice against my pale skin, but now I want this!

  12. Love :)