Come with Us: Bloom Warehouse Sale

Getting to the Bloom warehouse was much easier compared to Natio.  With a half hour's worth of combined train ride, walking, with a tad of getting lost, we arrived.  The location was much smaller, cramped and the prices stuck on the walls were a little disappointing.

Not sure if you can see, but most of the products were ~50% of the RRP. I'll link below what we saw (or what we could remember)

Purchased this bonbon for $5 which had 3 mini nail polishes. Thought this packaging was so adorable! (such a sucker for packaging). Each bonbon had different colours. I chose the pack which contained a 'Kim' - a brown taupe, 'Goldie' - a gold shimmer and what I'm assuming to be either 'Portia' or 'Greta' (the sticker fell off) - an ox-blood colour.

Overall, we were kind of disappointed by this sale. There were some things that looked decent but not enough to seal the deal and make the purchase. Honestly, don't think we'd go again.  Some things didn't have pricing, and even the girls at the counter didn't seem to be too familiar with the pricing as they had to continually ask their supervisor too.  Upon checkout, one of the sales assistants asked how much a certain item was (for her own knowledge) and the supervisor said "About $__, whatever you want, you can make it up as you go".  You are probably just as shocked as we are, and you can see why we won't be visiting them again. On another note, they only take cash or VISA (no eftpos) which was kinda annoying as I only had eftpos lol, so again, another disappointment :P

Have you been to any warehouse sales recently?

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