Foodface: Third Wave Cafe {Prahran}

Third Wave 
30 Cato St
Prahran, VIC 3181

On a sunny, Sunday afternoon we decided to give a visit to Third Wave Cafe. Located in Prahran, (just a little walk from Chapel St and Prahan Market) this is the sister cafe to the long running Port Melbourne venue. For those wondering, you can take the 72 Camberwell tram from Flinders St station, get off at stop 30, add on a few minutes of walking, and you'll find yourself in front of the cafe :) 

The cafe has a sense of spaciousness, modernity and modesty as you step in the door.  The place was well lit, and doesn't give off that cramped feeling that some brunch venues seem to have. One of the main highlights about this place were the multiple pages of breakfast, lunch, and "inbetween" options, as well as dedicated menu pages such as the 'Paleo Menu'.  There were no limits on what time you could order the breakfast/lunch menus from, which was a big plus as sometimes you can't help but to feel like something hearty before 12pm!  Third Wave Cafe also offers half serve portions for those with smaller appetites :) 

Crunchy Risotto Hash Brown
"Seared mushroom and parmesan risotto hash topped with butter mushrooms, chorizo, roasted tomato and poached egg on a bed of rocket"

This was a fairly balanced meal in terms of the proportion of meat/carbs/greens.  I really liked this dish, although my one complaint was that the risotto hash wasn't as mushy as I had imagined it to be, having said that, this was my first time trying risotto hash. Everything went together really well and the tomato relish(?) added an extra oomph to the plate! Thumbs up from me :)

Spicy Ratatouille Baked Eggs
"A slightly spicy mix of eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, herbes de provence and other tasty morsels baked with authentic spanish chorizo and 2 free range eggs. Topped with Asiago cheese and served with toasted Ciabatta bread."

 The visuals of this dish does not disappoint! When it came out - the ratatouille was still bubbling  and oozing away - literally fresh from the oven! After taking the necessary photos and digging in, my overall thoughts of this dish was yum! I thought the combination of vegetables, herbs and chorizo went well together. Dipping the ciabatta bread in the sauce made it that much better! Let me say the bread was bomb-diggity. I'd go back just for the bread.

Mango Smoothie
I was under the impression this was going to be fresh but unfortunately it wasn't judging by how fast it came out. I wouldn't really describe this as a mango smoothie, but more of a mango/orange nectar. Regardless I think it still tasted nice! 
Ice Mocha
"Made with cooled thick hot chocolate, 3 shots of expresso, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream & milk"
I really liked this! The two scoops of vanilla icecream sold me here, and it was fairly coffee tasting.  I'm usually not too picky or knowledgable when it comes to drinks like these, but I'd say it was better than your average iced mocha!

Overall Third Wave did not disappoint.  The location is decent, service was really friendly, the food came out promptly and tasted really great! Highly recommended :)

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Disclaimer: Many thanks to Greg from Third Wave for extending this invitation for us to dine here.  Our thoughts and opinions are written with complete honesty as always.

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