Garnier Hair & Body Oils

Garnier has always been a *golden brand* in my eyes lol. Ever since I started buying skincare/makeup, some of my really well-loved products have been by Garnier (e.g Micellar Water, Clean Sensitive Makeup Remover, Oil Free BB Cream and the list goes on), so it's no surprise that I would eventually test out some of their hair and body products.

Garnier Miraculous Oil Brushing Express
This is totally an underrated product. After first hearing about this product via Beautyholics Anonymous (here), I picked this up during the Priceline 40% off haircare sale a while after. The texture is like a thick gel serum, smells suuuuper nice, and does a wonderful job at keeping your hair soft and protected, and does cut down drying time (package label did not lie).  
Having tried different methods of application, I personally like to apply this when my hair is damp, taking about 3 pumps and working it in on the ends of my hair, and then some on other areas that need a bit more taming. Despite this being marketed as an 'oil', it doesn't leave your hair heavy nor greasy-feeling, but rather the opposite. It apparently has up to 230ÂșC heat protection as well (+1 for multipurpose), but honestly, any product that makes my hair feel healthy, smooth and silky, without making my hair look flat and greasy, gets a tick in my books :P

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil 
First body product that I've tried from Garnier. After trying the Alpha Keri body oil out (review here), I was a lot more inclined to try products of the like, because they make post-shower moisturisation feel a lot less like a chore :P. Not sure what a "beauty oil" actually is, but because this comes out in a spray form, the oil is really thin and light and it barely feels like you're applying oil at all. 
In terms of moisture, it's fairly meh for me; it's so light to the point where I feel like if I was to put clothes on straightaway, it'll rub off on the clothes. In saying that, it can be a good thing that it's thin, because it's something really quick to spray on your body before you head out during the day without looking like a greaseball, but bad because I didn't feel any skin benefits. Right now, I'm just using it during the day to make my skin look less dry and dull but don't think I'd be picking this up again when it runs out.

SO, the take home message here is that the hair oil is something you should consider in purchasing, but steer away from the body oil if you're looking for something more moisturising. The packaging of the body oil does say that "skin is dry to the touch, does not transfer on clothes", which explains why the formulation is so thin, but I can't imagine it being "nourishing" at all.
Currently still on the hunt for some body oils, so if you know of/like any in particular, I would love to try them out :)

*all products purchased with my own $$$


  1. hmmmm...upon looking at the packaging...this is really tempting to try. But I guess I have to pass on this one for I really prefer trying out new products that are really worth it.

    1. I still think the hair serum is worth a try, granted, that not every hyped product works for everyone, at least this one won't break the bank if it doesn't work for you :)

  2. I love using hair oils as it keeps my hair healthy and shiny! I don't really have any body oil recommendations as I've never ventured into it before, but I'd love to see what other options there are out there on the market :)

    1. I'm so lazy with hair oils so this is my pick for some basic hair care ;)

  3. Your photography is AMAZING!! <3

    PS: Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

  4. Despite loving Garnier as well I haven't actually tried many of their products besides their dry shampoo (which I was not a fan of!) but this hair oil actually sounds pretty amazing! Anything that makes hair styling easier and protects my hair as well is definitely something that I need to try! x

    Chantalle | cece & grace

  5. Our hair is in need of TLC, so we might just have to pick up some of this hair oil. We don't really use body oils, but we love rose hip oil which you can practically use anywhere!

    M + K