Bottom of the Barrel 002

I dunno about chu, but there is seriously nothing more satisfying then completely finishing up a product. For me, I think it's the fact that I've gotten my complete moneys worth on the purchase and it means I get to open up something new. This month, the majority is pretty much skincare with white packaging. Really annoying cos it is so hard to edit with a white background (#thestruggleisreal) so please excuse it for this month :3

Koji Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner 
My all time favourite liquid eyeliner. I bought this about 2/3 years ago and it is amazing. The tip is flexible making it easy to apply, it comes out really black and it doesn't have ink flow problems which I have encountered with others. The only gripe I have with this is that whenever I use my eyelash curler straight after, it comes off which means I have to reapply with my eyelashes in the way
Repurchase: Yes
Face of Australia Purifying Cleansing Wipes
Purchased these when Big W had $3 off Face of Australia making it a bargain steal of $1.46 for 25 wipes. As a makeup remover wipe, these are ok. I generally like to wash my face when it comes to taking my makeup off but I've found that these are really great to spot clean my brushes. I've gotten into the habit of spot cleaning my brushes straight after I use it, particularly foundation brushes, so that they are kinda fresh and clean for next use :3
Repurchase: maybe!

Indeed Labs pepta-bright
This is my favourite product by far from Indeed Labs and it has firmly established itself into my skincare routine. When I wake up, my skin just looks a whole lot brighter and healthier - and I find myself having more "good skin days" when I use it. This is the second tube I've finished up and I really do enjoy it.
Repurchase: already have.
Napro Instant Care Lotion 
This is a leave in conditioner that I would apply straight after towel drying my hair. To be honest this was a fairly 'meh' product. I found that it didn't really do much and with the nozzle, it was a little too big and the product was a little too runny which meant that sometimes it would gush out.
Repurchase: No. Cashback plz.

People for Plants Manuka Honey & Shea Organic Lip Balm
When this ran out I was a little sad as I did really enjoy this! It would be my "daytime" lip balm that I'd apply in the morning and throughout that day. What I really liked about it was the fact that it was moisturising throughout the day. Most lipbalms I feel sit superficially on the skin and it doesn't really absorb which meant my lips felt dry again right after a lick of my lips. Not sure if it was my one in particular and the way I treated it, but the packaging has kinda flaked off :( boo.
Repurchase: Yes

Avene Rich Compensating Cream 
This is my go to moisturiser when my skin isn't feeling its best. It's super moisturising, absorbs really nicely and has a nice scent. I've bought this countless times and still love it to this date.
Repurchase: already have :)
Lindt Extra Dark Chocolate
If you love Lindt, dark chocolate and a creamy, smooth filling - you NEED to have this in your life. This is amazing and is so hard not to finish in one sitting. I'm not a massive chocolate fan but this is just.....bomb. 
Repurchase: yes yes yes

T2 Iced Organic Tea Lemon Myrtle 
I think it was only recent but T2 now sell their own iced tea! I've always been a fan of their Iced Teas they have up for sample so it was only natural for me to try out the bottled ones. The bottle says it is unsweetened and it is very true to claim. I couldn't taste any sugar at all and it was more tea rather than citrus. If they had sugar sachets on the side, lets say I would've added some. The taste was ok but I prefer something a little more sweeter and I was more impressed with the glass bottle lol. 
Repurchase: In a different flavour

What have you emptied out recently? 


  1. Oooo nice stuff! I too LOVE finishing up products! I always finish up skincare/hair care much faster than make up but pressed powders are the thing I finish the most often! I love the same type of eyeliner you have from dolly wink but I've tried so many brands in that design but not yet dolly wink! I'm trying to repurchase from different brands to see which ones I like better!

    1. ah you should definitely get on the dollywink. it iz da! but i totally get what you mean trying out other brands haha. Im so satisfied with dollywink but there is apart of me that's always like "what if"

  2. Mmm chocolate. I really want to try that Dollywink liquid eyeliner, it's so raved!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. you really should! its the best eyeliner ive tried to date ;)

  3. I'm using the wipes at the moment! I think they are ok as well, although I honestly can't tell any difference between cheapie wipes and their expensive competitors!

    1. so far i've noticed that the more expensive wipes feel a lot nicer on the face textural wise...and thats all that i've gotten heh.

  4. I've been wanting to try Pepta Bright, though I read one review where it broke them out. Seems you had a good experience so I might have to chuck it on the shopping list! The PFP lip balm sounds awesome!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. give pepta bright ago! everyone is different so you'd never know how you would react :)

  5. I applaud anyone who can finish up a product before opening up a new one. I am that kid who opens up half her new stuff (half, because I have some degree of restraint too, ya know??) Pepta Bright sounds promising, but I'm still on the fence about Indeed Labs after the ~ever so hyped up~ Hydraluron was a 'meh' for me.

    1. when it comes to skincare I have really good restraint but when it comes to makeup and hair its a very diff story haha. I swear I've got like 4 different pairs of shampoo and conditioners in my bathroom cos I've convinced myself my hair has developed some sort of resistance and needs to be changed up every month :P

    2. My shower is a shampoo + showergel graveyard LOL.