Beauty Addition 014: Michael Todd Ozsale Haul + Experience

Date Ordered: 31st January 
Date Dispatched: 21st January 
Date Received: 28th February 

Michael Todd True Organics has probably been one of the most highlighted skincare ranges for the past 2 years on both YouTube and Blogger. Known for their use of organic products and aloe vera juice as their base, we decided to give this highly raved brand a go! We purchased these products on Ozsale as it was slightly cheaper than the RRP on Michael Todd plus the shipping was more affordable.

Starter Kit Normal & Combination Skin // $25
Includes the Cleanse & Tone, Organic Lemon AHA + DMAE toner, Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub, Citrus Cream Moisturiser and Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Face Mask. 
Thought this would be a good way to sample out Michael Todd things. Really into exfoliating these days and probably looking forward to the toner the most.

Starter Kit Dry Skin // $25
Includes the Skin Defender, Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner, Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub, Citrus Cream Moisturiser and Avocado & Mango Hydrating Face Mask 
I had originally wanted the sensitive skin kit, but ended up settling for this one as the aforementioned wasn't available.  The Avocado & Mango Hydrating Face Mask looks like it'll have a lot of potential

Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub // $14
Before purchasing this I watched Shannxo's review on this and it just sold me! My shower exfoliator has almost run out so this will be the next one in line.

Delivery & Packaging  // $9.95
Fairly decent and affordable price point. Considering the shipment origin was from LA and you did get tracking, I think this was well worth the money. In terms of tracking, you get these adorable pictures to tell you where your parcel is but it's not the most detailed information. Packaging was really good as well. Inside of the bubble wrapped envelope, the products were also wrapped in a separate layer of bubble wrap. Estimated delivery is within a month and did come at that time so no complaints here at all.

Overall Ozsale Experience
This is my second time purchasing off Ozsale and I honestly have no complaints. I know Ozsale has a lot of mixed reviews but both times it has been a pleasant experience from checkout to receiving the parcel. The price point of products is really great as well. We spent $64AUD (not including shipping) and would've spent $110USD if we had just purchased off the Michael Todd website. Also everything is already in AUD so you don't have the conversion fee and that additional money you pay with the falling AUD (who's sad as well?). If you google around there are coupon codes. I've seen some $5, $10 codes around (unfortunately none were active the time we purchased) so you can save on shipping as well! Once you make your purchase, you can also get free shipping within the hour on other additional orders! Overall I do recommend buying from Ozsale :)

If you were feeling inspired by our haul, Ozsale currently have another Michael Todd sale ending Wednesday!

What are you experiences with Michael Todd? 
Let us know your favourites down below!


  1. i want to get michael todd products so bad! i've seen the sales on ozsale it's alot more affordable isn't it! can't wait for their next sale ill definitely be onto it!

    1. I think Michael Todd sale will come around again on ozsale, this wasn't the first time we saw them on there!

  2. That exfoliator is my fave! Seriously the best stuff, and I use it in the shower too! (got mine off OZsale, which I've used lots of times and love it swell :) xx

    1. ohhh! looking forward to using the exfoliator! Trying to use up all our old stuff atm before opening these ones haha xx