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Recently the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte lipsticks by Kate Moss hit the shores of Australia! 
We used to only have the "Lasting Finish by Kate Moss" range that was in black packaging and red writing, but now we have the matte versions in red :)

Pigmentation &
From the swatch below, you can see how great the pigmentation is, even with just one swipe. The Rossetto is a light pastel pink color and the colour on the lipstick is true to color when applied on the lips. 
When applied on pre-moisturised lips, there was minimal flaking, but on its' own, there was definitely some flaking around the 2-3 hour mark.  Regardless of moisturised lips or not, you can definitely tell from the swatches that the lipstick made the ridges of my lips stand out more.
I have tested this out and it does last for quite some time given that there is no eating or drinking involved.  However it does get removed once food and drinks are involved, which is expected.
This definitely has a scent, it smells like.. florally-lavender-ish? (I think? I'm not the best person to describe scents clearly :P).  This was a bit overpowering for my liking, as I'm not a huge fan of scents added into makeup, but once applied, the scent lingers a little bit but goes away pretty quickly.
I personally find this to be a middle ground between dry and moisturising.  You'd naturally expect this to be dry because it is a matte lipstick, but it isn't too bad.  It is safe for you to press your lips and rub them together without any dry areas becoming the centre of attention. But give your lips a good dose of hydration before applying this just to be on the safe side.
Really pretty packaging :)  I can't decide if I like the red tube or the black tube better...
Easily removed with a eye & lip makeup remover.
These have now hit Australian shores! Most pharmacies such as Chemist Warehouse and Priceline usually have introductory prices for new items like this.  Asos does stock this particular item, however I find that isn't a permanent product that they sell, so maybe check back if it's not there.
And of course, there's always good old ebay :)
RRP: $11.95 // Asos 
Best of the Promotions: 

$5.76 each @ Asos (when purchased with 20% code)
$5.97 each @ Chemist Warehouse/Priceline (50% off Rimmel/BOGOF Rimmel) 
$7.96 each @ Priceline (3 for 2 Rimmel)


This particular color isn't that flattering on me, as it is too pastel/cool toned for my for yellowy undertones.  
I have slowly grown to like the formulation (aside from the scent) and would consider testing out other colours from this range as they look great! A downside I have noticed is that it makes my lips look more wrinkled than they actually are... I'm not sure if it is the matte formula, however I'm still willing to test out the other colours, especially ones on the darker end of the spectrum :)
This matte range comes in 5 shades, which you can view here


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  1. I really enjoyed this line of lipsticks! I wish there was a bigger colour range though


  2. I don't think I'll pick up any of these unless they have a 50% off deal or BOGOF. This would be the one I would get though! Thanks for the review!

  3. The colour looks really nice but it wouldn't flatter my skin tone either. Probably won't be picking these up though.


  4. It's good that this lipstick isn't too drying- because those are the worst! Omg, bogof at priceline? Definitely checking that out!
    And I find scents so hard to describe as well haha

  5. It looks lovely, but the variety of shades they have are limited sadly! Thanks for the review though!

  6. We were anticipating the release of these in Australia (like most mkaeup ranges they take ages to hit Austalian stores). But now we're not so sure whether we really want to try it. Thanks for the review


  7. Hey gals! Thanks for the review. The color looks very nice but, I don't think it would look good on me either because I look don't look in pastels, haha.

    I followed you guys on bloglovin and hellocotton. Hope you can return the favor. ^^ Have a great weekend~


  8. I think it's really pretty on you! I don't think it's too clashing with yellow skin tones, at least not from the pictures. Will have to check this shade out as I'm a huge sucker for pinks just like it.

  9. Great review! I have yet to check these lippies out, but they're sounding pretty good :) I actually really like the packaging, haha

  10. Thanks for the review! :) I don't think I've seen it in the States, yet, but I definitely want to check them out when they do get over here. :)