Giveaway & Review: Personal Planner

Recently we had the opportunity to try out a personal diary, thanks to Personal Planners.
The unique aspect of this was that you could personalise everything yourself, from the front covers, down to adding your own personal important dates.

Here's a brief breakdown of the steps we took & some tips along the way, for when you make your own personal planner :)
- Picking the size of your diary! There are 4 sizes to pick from: small, medium, large and A5
-Making the front cover was definitely the most fun part and the only things to keep in mind was that you should make sure your front cover is high quality (prevent pixelation when printing), and also we advise you to not hold back from the vibrancy/color of your front cover (we will explain below)
-Picking your diary's inside layout, how the week spread would look like, what to have on the bottom etc!
-Deciding what to put on the back pages (3 options), we decided to go for the 2014 overview, sudoku, ruled and square lines.
- Picking accessories for your planner; we went with the blue ruler, elastic closure and the plastic sleeve.

Didn't want to make this post a scrollingfest with all the pictures, so here is a slideshow for your viewing convenience :)

Upon receiving the planner, it was placed in a secure cardboard box.  What stood out was how sturdy and durable the planner was, mainly from the hard plastic protecting the front and back.
The pages inside were thick and really well made.
Everything from the layout, to color scheme, and to the cute little reminders they add in, eg on Dec 31, it has a little reminder for you to recycle the planner and be eco friendly :)
As much as we love the planner, we did notice that our custom front and back cover was reduced in terms of quality and color vibrancy; it's not a big issue, but we just wished we made it more vibrant so it would've printed just right

We also took some screenshots of the ordering process, just to give you guys a sneak peek into the very colourful designing process
click to enlarge!:


Overall Thoughts:
The concept of making a planner personalised is a great way to be able to make everything accordingly to your tastes.  We've never been able to find a planner where we liked every aspect of it; and that's where Personal Planner comes into play.
Presentation, layout, spacing and the quality are some of the key factors that we look out for when picking a planner, and this planner ticks all the boxes.
p.s keep in mind we are picky stationary people.

The amazing people behind Personal Planners AU have kindly agreed to give away one of their planners to one of our lucky readers for free!
This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.
Giveaway is run from 10th March (today) til 31st March 11:59pm AEST
Winner would be contacted via email; please respond within 48hours, otherwise a new winner would be chosen.
So get rafflecopting! :)



  1. Wow, thanks for posting this! I never knew that Personal Planner existed and am very excited to try it now! Thanks for sharing <3

  2. This looks adorable! Thanks so much for sharing, I want to make one for my sister now, she loves this stuff and the cover you two picked is really cute =3

  3. I joined your giveaway ! Thank you. ^^

    I think it's really cool to have a "own made" diary.

  4. I'd totally enter if I didn't already have one after they contacted me last year too! I think it's a great concept and the planner itself is really great quality!

  5. Really need a personal planner even though it's march already

  6. I have planned to be a better person and somehow an organized one as well

  7. this giveaway is really cool :D
    I never knew that it's possible to make personal planners, i always only buy those i see in stores but they're never as cute as i want them to be TT

  8. I've planned study hard this year for pass in Medicine university. :~

    Thanks for the giveaway hun! xoxo

  9. Great idea!
    You really do have a lovely blog, just stumbled across it now

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and bloglovin’?
    If so let me know and I’ll follow you right back

    My blog is a fashion/lifestyle blog!

    Speak soon,
    Have a lovely evening
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

  10. Wow what a awesome idea! Love it! :)

  11. This will definitely help with study for my last year of school :)
    Thanks for the giveaway girls x

  12. I am planning on getting pregnant this year!! and to open my own store! and to expand my service worldwide! gee I'm busy... wish me luck!