Beauty Addition 004: A Small Hong Kong Haul..

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Recently a friend of ours went to Hong Kong (Hi A if you're reading!) and he was kind enough to buy us a couple of things over there :)

All these items were purchased at Sasa

Shu Uemura Whitefficient Cleansing Oil
RRP: 504 HKD (~$62.82 AUD)

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Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister
RRP: 138 HKD (~$17.19 AUD)

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Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
RRP: 105 HKD (~$13.08 AUD)
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L'Oreal 24Hr WP Super Gel Liner
RRP: 95 HKD (~$11.84AUD)
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  1. Lovely little haul! I have the eyeliner and also a different mascara from MM (Lash expander frame plus) which I love! I think I paid similar prices from Sasa too.

    x Tashi

  2. I have another mascara from Majolica Majorca and I Love It!!
    Having a great impressison on that brand, cannot wait to try more :)
    You've got some great stuff, looking forward for reviews :p

  3. Hey girls! My BF is in HK right now for a work trip and he also asked me if I wanted to try out any of the cosmetics from there. I would like to try out some lip products, a bb cream, and skin care, like facial masks and pore cleansers. Do you gals recommend any products or brands or a site where I can look into it?!?! I have checked out a couple popular sites, but it is difficult for me to shop online w/o really knowing what I'm getting.
    Btw I nominated you gals for the Versatile Blogger Award, so hope you'll stop by my blog, and take a look! x Cutest blog name!

    1. thanks for the nomination! :)

      um with websites try sasa
      not really familiar with a lot of skin care but we've heard good things about hada labo & juju aquamoist. So far im really loving the shu oil!
      Same goes with bb cream - not really too sure XD
      what we can vouch for however is the dollywink & kpalette eyeliner!

      hope that helps x

  4. I love the dollywink eyeliner, I wear it everyday and haunt been able to try out other eyeliners yet! Sasa is one of my fav shops and Hk is an amazing place to shop! x

  5. Dolly Wink!! I've always wanted to try them :))


  6. That Dolly Wink eyeliner has been on my wish list for ages and I've recently fallen in love with the premium shu uemura cleansing oil, I would love to know how this compares :)

  7. OH did they change the Dollywink eyeliner packaging?! I still have the old packaged one haha. The other products look exciting to try, I hope to see a review on them soon :D

  8. I'd love to see a review for the Dolly Wink eyeliner! I'm always hearing and seeing the brand but I've never gotten around to trying out their products.

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

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