Bad to the Audacious Taupe

Maybelline Color Tattoos have probably been reviewed and swatched countless times, and you most likely have seen many swatches and own one of these yourself but... we decided to review it anyway  
Between us, we own four color tattoos, and we are reviewing these three as we both own Bad to the Bronze.

15 Audacious Asphalt
35 Tough as Taupe
25 Bad to the Bronze
Well named Maybelline, the color really does reflect the color of asphalt.  It’s a dark grey with visible specks of glitter scattered throughout.
Matte taupe color; although when swirling finger in the jar multiple times, the outer edges seem to gather the color and making it look slightly purple tinged when applied.
Really pretty bronze color.  It looks almost true to the color in the jar; although I do find that it applies a bit more “frostily” than jar color.
The asphalt color more or less just becomes a very light grey sheen with glitter particles upon use.  It does require a few re-applications to reach the color shown in the jar.
From the swatch, the bottom half isn't as consistant as the top half
The pigmentation on Tough as Taupe is fairly decent & buildable. At times it can get a bit streaky and uneven though.
This probably has the best pigmentation of out of the three.  Not only does it grab the color well, it also distributes evenly on your lids
All of these have a really nice and smooth texture, the more you swirl your finger in the product the softer it gets as your fingers warm it up more :)
All three have great longevity, although we haven’t tried out the “24 hour” claim :P
So far no creasing with Tough as Taupe & Bad to the Bronze when worn for long periods of time.
And although I haven’t tried Audacious Asphalt all over the lids, it’s good substitute for bottom lash liner and doesn’t smudge at all :)

The color tattoos are packaged in a sturdy glass jar with a plastic lid. This can be heavy for those who want to carry this around with them, but the glass is what makes you think there’s more product than there really is :P
Easily removed with a cotton pad + eye makeup remover
These are available at most stores that sells drugstore makeup.  
So far, Maybelline AU has only released the original collection, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be releasing either the Fall 2012 “Scene on the Runway” Collection or the Spring 2013 “Metal” Collection in Australia anytime soon, if at all.
RRP: $11.95 // Buy Me 
Best of the Promotions: 
$5.98 Chemist Warehouse (50% off Maybelline) 
$7.95 Big W ($4 off Maybelline)

Overall Thoughts:  
Bad to the Bronze is definitely a great staple to have, whether using this as a base or as an eyeshadow, this color is probably the most versatile out of the collection.
Tough as Taupe although it is nice, as an all over lid - its a bit too cool toned for my skin. I can see it as a nice base though. 
Audacious Asphalt probably great as a base for some heavy smokey eye (which I haven't tried) but I use this as a lower lash line eyeliner most frequently.
Overall the color payoff and pigmentation are great for what it is- reapplying isn't such a big problem when the formula is easy to work with :) And the fact that these don't crease after long hours of wear is such a plus; even for all you oily lidders out there!

Repurchase? Yup :) It's a top notch product without breaking your bank account


  1. Hopefully I'll be picking up Bad to the Bronze soon! I believe Kmart is having $5 off Maybelline at the moment.

  2. I've got two of these include Tough As Taupe, really nice quick eyeshadows!

  3. Great review! Definitely want to try them out :)


  4. I don't own any of these color tattoos *yet*, but when I do I will be going straight for bad to the bronze! It looks like a great, wearable colour :)
    Great review!

  5. nice review, i was wondering whether or not to try this out :)

  6. These remind me of the mac paint pots but definitely better for my wallet!
    Bad to the bronze is a gorgeous color, i'm very tempted! ^ ^

  7. I totally love them too, I've got two of the three shades you've reviewed but do see myself going back for the gray or the blue, I'm only concerned about not finishing them if I get a more colorful one. They make amazing bases I must say!

  8. I' d try them for sure :)
    Great blog :)

  9. "35 Tough as Taupe" is beautiful, not sure if that color is available in chile :(
    I follow you!

  10. I own bad to the bronze and I use it almost everyday! I love it so much- would definitely recommend them :) xxx

  11. We really want bad to the broze but when ever we go to buy it they are out of stock! But we have tough as taupe and we definitely recomment them. The formulations is beautiful