Foodface: Huxtaburger

Currently #4 on the Urbanspoon talk of the town (Melbourne), we decided to try Huxtaburger out for ourselves and see what the hype was about! Continue reading to see what we thought !

The place is pretty small. Behind the counter where you order you can see the kitchen and them making the burgers. It kinda has the feel of your "local burger place" but slightly fancier.
The overall design of the place is alright - I did like how they presented the menu.
Seating wise - there wasn't much inside but outside there are a couple of benches.
Above average.  The food came out probably 5-10mins after ordering which was good and my burger that I asked to be cut in half was.
"The Huxtaburger" Disappointing. Although it did taste fresh - there was nothing really special about it. The burger had too much mustard for my liking as well
The chips: Average. They tasted like the frozen crinkle chips you can put in the oven. Your're better off getting chips from the fish and chip shop.  Plus the serving size for the chips are pretty small considering we ordered a large.
Average - the serving size was on the smaller size though.
They were also selling Calpico cans (Yakult soda drinks) for $4! What a rip off! Usually at the Asian supermarkets they are about $2 ! Imagine selling a can of coke for $4 !
Bottom Line:
Wouldn't come here again. Definitely overrated and not worth the hype.
Better off eating at Maccas or Grill'd.

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  1. now THAT's a hamburger! awesome place :)


  2. I also saw this place on Urbanspoon with a heap of good reviews too. It does seem like quite a decent burger but maybe not for the #4 spot haha.
    Grill'd chips are soooo good! And their burgers too ^-^

    1. i cannot rave about how much i love grilled haha! and all their sauces *drools*

  3. Ugh.. that burger looks so good! Too bad it didn't really hit the mark. I absolutely LOVE trying new food places. Thank you so much for coming by my blog, I'm following you now! I hope you'll follow back so we can keep in touch!

    xo Sam
    DIY Huntress

  4. That burger looks awesome!


  5. That looks good. I wish we had that in where I live


  6. Haven't been to this place before. I'm not really into burgers but the hubs is, I'm surprised he hasn't asked to go since it's no. 4 lol

  7. looks good! new follower! :)

  8. I've always wanted to try Huxtaburger as there has been so much hype on Urbanspoon about it! At midnight right now, the photo of the burger and chips look drool worthy and amazing- although what a shame it didn't live up to the hype. I read many reviews too and all were quite disappointing- I don't think I'll give Huxtaburger a go after all! :(