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Last week I went to Sydney with a friend. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights and I have got to say I really loved it! Compared to Melbourne, it was just very different. I feel like Melbourne is more edgier, alternative and a bit more 'street' in terms of fashion. Sydney on the other hand I found was more uptown, more refined 'classier' fashion. Could be just the area I was in or what not. Anyways one of the key highlights for me was definitely the food! So here is just some photos I took :) All these photos were taken from my iPhone 5 - sorry about the quality. 
Harajuku Gyoza

The logo of this place kinda sucked me in. Who could say no to that dumpling face. The dumplings were fair average but the highlight was the deep fried eggplant and the kirin apple & plum cider. The overall decor of this place was great as well. Felt like I was in a bar in Japan (or what I imagine it to be) 
Pie Face

This was actually the first time I've tried Pie Face, even though we have several franchises in Melbourne. The beef pie was average, chicken & mushroom one was good!

Ribs & Burgers
Ordered the Italian Feathered Steak with Coleslaw Salad. Steak was good, salad was ok. It had some seeds in it and I felt like I was a bird eating it (lol).

Zumbo Patisserie (Star City) 

Probably the highlight of this trip - the Adrian Zumbo Dessert Train *drools*. Sorry about the blurry photos - the train was moving and at the same time I had to pick what desserts I wanted to eat and I was really excitedddddd.

Fu Manchu 

Had the steamed trout (?). Thought this was really nice and simple. It was really close to our hotel as well & the staff were really friendly :)

Harry's Pies

This is the infamous tiger pie. To be honest, it wasn't as good as I was hoping it to be. It tastes like it looks - a pie with peas, mashed potato and gravy in the centre. 

So that was most of the food I ate in Sydney! I had a lot of stuff I had on my food wishlist but I only had one stomach and 3 days worth of food to eat :(

For those who live or have been to Sydney, let me know your favourite foodie places :)

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