Beauty Addition 011: Cherry Culture

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Ordered: November 9th
Dispatched: November 13th
Arrived: December 8th

Having email subscriptions to Cherry Culture, we got the notification that NYX were having 25% all items! With this incentive, we would like to introduce you to another beauty addition by yours truly.

As you can see from the photos, the products were very well wrapped. It was covered in a paper mesh and tissue paper that was seriously 2m long (is this stuff recyclable?)

NYX HD Foundation // $12 $9 USD
NYX HD Finishing Powder // $10 $7.50 USD
Currently in a foundation phase, so what better time to purchase some items from their HD range :D  I must say that the swatches of the foundation online aren't all that accurate, so I had to take a stab at the shade so hopefully it would match me better than the concealer that I got previously.  Also have been dying to try the coveted NARS translucent powder, and I figured why not try the NYX version out? 

NYX Round Lipstick // $3.50 $2.62 USD each
Another cult favourite. Known for its pigmentation, texture and price you can't go wrong in purchasing these. These are great for those trying to experiment with colours and seeing "how often will I wear this colour" before making a splurge on a high-end more expensive product. On another note, I found that it was kinda strange that only 2/4 had the plastic wrapping at the end. The ones that didn't have the wrapping weren't used and were completely brand new though......odd! 

NYX Black Label Lipstick // $6.75 $5.06 USD
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream // $5.50 $4.12 USD
LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color is probably a colour that I probably already have a dupe of in my collection.  The Savvy lipstick in Bali is probably the first shade that comes to mind in terms of similarity, however I wanted the satin finish, and opt for this one with the influence of DOMMsmiles. As for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and Black Label Lipsticks, these are cult favourites that everyone seems to highly recommend. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils // $3.50 $2.62 USD each
NYX Cream Shadow // $4.50 $3.37 USD
Having never tried the ever so hyped Jumbo Eye Pencils, this was our calling :P
Our colour picks were Sparkle Nude, French Fries and Black Bean.  LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencils in Sand Castles added into the cart for kicks because it was ... cheap.. Fingers crossed it performs well! After happy experiences with my Bloom Liquid Eyeshadow, I happily picked up the NYX version purely because I wanted to see how it compared; as my liquid eyeshadow bar of expectations is currently set pretty high.  

Shipping // $19.04 USD
Cherry Culture's shipping is based on weight. Obviously the heavier the items, the more your shipping will cost. Dividing it by 2 helps to remove the burden of shipping costs, but buying by yourself could be a little costly. 

Overall, Cherry Culture is quite a reliable service. They have a great selection of products, prices (esp. compared to the AUD) with the website and checkout being user friendly. Only downside was that we thought shipping took quite a long time with the 'economy' shipping. There is the express option available if you had wanted that but is quite pricey!

Have you ordered off Cherry Culture before?