Savvy in Bali

Even though summer has just arrived, my internal desire for that perfect dark berry Autumn lip is continuing. I've heard many positive reviews about the Savvy Long Lasting Matte Lipstick so I decided to pick it up in Bali with the Priceline 40% off sealing the deal. 

Bali is a high payoff lipstick with a matte finish. The colour is a berry burgundy colour that has a really great colour payoff even on the first swipe. I really adore the colour and think it'd be flattering on most skin tones as it leans quite neutral. With a matte finish I don't find these to be particularly moisturising but these are slightly drying. In saying that it's still within the normal comfort levels and I don't feel like I'm rushing to put on some balm. Texture wise when I put it on, there is a little bit of drag. If it could be slightly more buttery I'd be a happy chap. 

As far as the "Long Lasting" goes, I think Savvy need to rename the line. When drinking, the lipstick stuck to my glass and upon eating, everytime I wiped my mouth the lipstick would transfer to the tissue. Reapplication is a must if you're eating and want a pigmented look. I honestly don't like reapplying such a bold lipstick colour when I'm out. Not going to lie, I suck at applying lipstick so any mistakes I do particularly with a bold lip is unforgiving lol. When I'm not eating though, it lasts about 3 hours and fades away quite gracefully. It's not patchy and you're left with a nice light berry stain. On another positive note, the packaging is quite sturdy. I've thrown it in my bag, the lid hasn't fallen off or cracked and lasted fairly well.

Overall I think the Savvy Long Lasting Matte Lipstick is not bad. Nice colour payoff and pigmentation however it's not as long wearing as I'd like it to be. For $6.99 RRP at Priceline I think it's quite affordable and good for those that experimenting with their perfect berry colour.

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