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nivea in shower body lotion skin conditioner review

I'm sure many of y'all feel the same way about moisturising your body: it's tedious! I generally don't moisturise after showering because I'd like to believe that body washes has some sort of moisturising properties, and also because I don't like waiting around til the moisturiser has "dried".  

Upon seeing the Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion being advertised in the Priceline catalogues, I was immediately sucked in and purchased during the week of release.  Fast forward a few weeks from purchase date, and I was still using it religiously as part of my shower routine.  The instructions at the back are fairly simple- just to apply this all over after using body wash, and then wash off!  It honestly saves so much time compared to rubbing the lotion in, and yay, theres no drying time :)
I usually like to let the product "sink in" for a minute or two, and then rise off.  The main thing I like about this was that it leaves your skin moisturised, not having to wait for the product to sink into the skin, and not having to deal with the sticky feeling afterwards. 

Overall, I really like this product, however I do think it's only a temporary fix to dry skin- there's just something about a product sinking into the skin while it is still wet that really doesn't equal to well moisturised skin.  I do agree with the claim stating that it will leave you with "silky, soft skin feeling", as it leaves dry areas at bay, and works great to quickly condition the skin after shaving.  
I will continue to use this, and repurchase in the future as I can see it being very useful during winter and for the time being (brb, while I nurture the habit of using body lotions).  Recommended for those who are lazy and looking for a good quick fix for that dry skin!

nivea in shower body lotion skin conditioner review

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