Getting Back to Basics

Jumping on the bandwagon I decided to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette earlier on the year. It contains 6 shades of which 5 are matte and 1 is satin. My reasoning behind buying this was that it's a great everyday neutral palette. Sometimes I'm a bit overwhelmed by glittery eyeshadows and find it hard to "tone" it down for such everyday wear so I thought matte shades would be the answer to my problem! After trialling this product for a couple of months and not being so "wowed" at first sight, I have learned to love this palette :)

urban decay naked basics palette review twoplicates

urban decay naked basics palette review twoplicates
urban decay naked basics palette review twoplicates swatches
urban decay naked basics palette review twoplicates swatches

Starting off with the packaging - it's slim, compact, light, sleek and sturdy. *hifive* Urban Decay. Compared to its well-known older counterpart, the Naked 1 Palette which is made out of a tacky 90's velvet with a magnet enclosure, its made out of a hard plastic and click enclosure. Everything that it didn't do right in the first generation seems to be well improved now for the better. In one word its minimalistic - very easy to clean, great for travel and storage. 

On to the product, texture wise, I don't think the shades are as buttery as the Naked 1 (probably cos of the fact it's matte) but it has more of a finely milled, slightly powdery feel. There is some fallout but it's only little so I just ensure I tap of the excess when I use it. In saying that the pigmentation is still really great. Venus is the only shadow with a satin finish whereas the rest are matte. Venus is a silvery shimmer colour great for inner highlight, Foxy and W.O.S are great for bases with foxy having more of a yellow undertone and W.O.S having a pink undertone. Naked 2 is a matte taupe and faint is medium dark brown that I prefer to use in my crease. Lastly crave is a dark matte black perfect for the outer V. In terms of longevity, these last pretty well and don't crease. They are also very easy to blend. 

Overall Basics is a great au naturale palette. I think the colour selection is really good and it's a staple to any collection. With that being said if you're looking for an all-in-one matte palette, I would highly recommend this! If you don't need the convenience of all these shades being in one and already have these similar shades in your collection- I'd say probably leave it.

RRP ~$30 (varies depending where you buy). I purchased this for $25.31 with a 10% code when RRP was $28.13 at Beauty Bay. We had a not so pleasant experience at Beauty Bay (read here) so I’m not sure if I'd recommend buying it from there - although there have been a lot of positive reviews from other blogs at this same website. 

Let us know what's your favourite matte palette!

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  1. Love quality and colors and mattes but not me! I don't own any of the Naked palettes from them so I'm looking forward to getting Naked 2 soon! I'm a lover of neutrals but I NEED shimmer!