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SOOO I've just found my one and only HG mascara. 
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Let me introduce you to the Majolica Majorca: Lash Expander Edge Meister. This mascara claims to lengthen and strengthen, enhancing elasticity and preventing damage as well as being water resistant and anti-sweat (thats a new one). This mascara differentiates itself with its 4mm length liquid fibres and double ended brush head. If you're unfamiliar, Majolica Majorca is an Asian drugstore line under the well known Shiseido. You may have heard of this brand before as their mascaras are quite popular by youtubers and bloggers alike - and for good reason.

To be quite honest this is my first HG mascara. It might have to do with the fact that I've mostly tried "Western" mascaras which don't seem to cater for my short, stubby, straight Asian lashes. To be quite honest, this mascara is life changing (as ridiculous as that sounds). Personally, I prefer mascara that holds my curl and lengthens my lashes and this delivers in every single expectation that I had. 

I'll start off by saying that the mascaras capability to keep and hold curl is one of the main reasons why I love it so much. It's definitely ...worldclass standard (lol). The formula is really great at lengthening and separating lashes, also being very long lasting, smudgeproof and waterproof.  It also slightly volumises but  it doesn't have that kind of "fullness" and "abundance of eyelashes" look that other mascaras can give you  The formula consistency itself is more wet , therefore it does take a little longer than usual to dry but it's not too bad. With that being said, on countless times I've blinked too fast and it has transferred under my eyes. However because it's a wetter formula, I feel like it sets on my lashes a bit better and is the reason why its so smudgeproof. I've heard some bloggers having issues with removing other Majolica Majorca mascaras but with this one I haven't really had any issues. I use a cotton pad & an oil based eye makeup remover (the ones with 2 layers), soak it on my eye for 30secs and it comes right off! 

Packaging itself, I will have to give the award to the brush. I'd honestly describe it more as a "comb" as it allows each lash to be coated and separated by the mascara. There are two sides - on one side, the ridges extend all across the length of the head following a curved shape. This side is meant for your "main lashes". The other side spans about half of the brush head and this is for those pesky hard to reach lashes in the inner corners. The lash fibres on the comb, I don't mind them - I could live without them but don't think they make such an outstanding difference. Onto the outer packaging it kinda gives it that "regal" royal feel. It has gold embossing at the top which I think is a nice touch. Additionally, it's light but at the same time feels sturdy and durable perfect for throwing around in your bag. 

Overall, I whole-heartedly recommend this mascara if you are after something that holds a curl, lengthens and separates as well as looking natural. However, if you are after volume and fullness, I'd give it a miss. I would definitely repurchase but also very keen to try out the Lash King which is more of a "volumising mascara". Referring to the image below "Lash King" is the top mascara whilst the "Lash Expander Edge Meister" is the one just below that - and I think its a pretty accurate representation of how the mascara performs. 

My friend purchased this for me at Sasa in HK for 138HKD ~ $17.19AUD (HK haul) and is available online here at Sasayesstyle and I'm sure ebay will have it if you look around.

What's your HG mascara?

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