RosehipPLUS Skin Boost Roll-On

RosehipPLUS Skin Boost Roll-on Rosehip Oil differentiates itself from other market rosehip oils due it being cold pressed and extracted without using heat, solvents, or chemicals. This means the potency of the organic oil is maintained for maximum efficacy.  It is 100% pure (no 99% nonsense!), natural and Australian Certified Organic.  
For the science buffs, RosehipPLUS's rosehip oil contains naturally occurring Bioflavonoids (think anti-aging vitamins- A & C, anti-inflammatory vitamin E), and essential fatty acids (such as Omega 3, 6 & 9).  
So in short:
  • Bioflavonoids = reduces free radical damage in skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Fatty Acids = keeps the skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking
The main selling concept was that the Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil was delivered in a roll-on form, whereby making application more precise, and the ability to use it while you're on the run.  The packaging is much easier to use in comparison to the dropper format,  and with the roller ball attached, it banishes the process of deciding if you need one more drop or not altogether.  I also like the idea that the lid is twisted on, rather than the click-on, so you can chuck this in your bag for "on the go" and not worry about the lid falling off. 

I applaud RosehipPLUS for using the roll-on idea; having it in this travel friendly tube makes application much easier and less tedious.  Although the oil dispenses a good amount out of the roller ball, I do have a few minor complaints with the roller ball being a little too small for the opening.  More often than not, the product doesn't distribute evenly and I'd eventually have to use my fingers to rub it in anyway, despite the whole idea is to have a "hygienic application" and leave a "fine layer" on your skin.  Due to the excess amount of product being dispensed, the oils ends up isolated on the rims just above the cap which bothers me more than it should.  That being said, I used this solely on the stretch marks on my arms when I took the images below, so this could probably just due to me using on a slanted surface rather than flat.

I had been expecting the characteristic rosehip fragrance but unexpectedly, it just smells like oil! I'm on the fence about the scent cos it just reminds me of cooking but I guess it would be good for those who can't stand the rosehip smell. The oil scent doesn't linger once it absorbs into the skin.
The consistency is relatively light, and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It absorbs fairly fast, easy to rub in and doesn't leave an oily residue.

To "target specific areas that require precise application of the Rosehip Oil, such as around the delicate eye area and lip area, on small dry patches and even on scarring"
The RosehipPLUS Skin Boost Rosehip Oil helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, maintain and improve skin hydration and the appearance of dry, sensitive skin.  It also claims to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst promoting skin elasticity and texture.

Delicate Areas (Eyes & Lips): The rollerball against the under eye skin is quite soothing, and acts as a moisturising eye cream but with all that added good stuff.  Using it both around the lip and eye area, I feel as though my skin feels more smooth and supple by the morning.  I have yet to see any improvements on fine lines/wrinkles though!
Dry Skin: Although I do love winter, the weather makes some parts of my face quite dry :/ Using this on the patches of dry skin on my face, the oil provides that extra bit of hydration on top of my moisturiser. So far I haven't broken out & it seems to be doing a decent job.   
Scars: About two months ago I cut my hand at work and it ended up forming a scar. I was hoping time & my natural bodily processes would remove the scarring hyperpigmentation but hadn't really seen much progress :( For about 2 weeks I had been rolling the Rosehip Oil on my scar hoping that it would improve the appearance. So far I haven't really seen much change :/ maybe it needs more time? 
Stretch Marks: After testing this out religiously on my stretch marks every night for a good 3 weeks, I do believe that my stretch marks are becoming less visible. The actual 'stretch mark skin' seems to look more even with the surrounding areas, and the texture has become evened out.  

We both love the convenient packaging concept and its overall performance.  It doesn't feel greasy on the skin, and the consistency is great for fast absorption. This product is very multi-purpose & it's a great staple to have whether for hydration or helping the appearance of your skin. Would we repurchase? Yes!

Availability & Price:
You can purchase this at any leading Pharmacies and Health food stores, at $14.95 a pop.

What were your experiences like with Rosehip Oils?

*This product was kindly provided for review purposes. Please view our policies tab for more information.

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