New Layout + Update

Happy July! 
Changing our blog layout (and all the little things that come with it) have constantly been on our minds as our previous one was a little cluttered for our liking; so here we are with a new interface ^__^!  Hopefully you guys will find this layout easier to read and to navigate.

Our social media buttons are on the right hand side with:
Google Friend Connect: As far as we know, GFC is still alive, but Google Reader is being removed; so it's two separate things!
Bloglovin': There are various alternatives coming up, now that Google Reader has been removed.  We prefer bloglovin' the most as it feels the most 'put together' yet simplistic at the same time.  The bloglovin' app is a major plus where it allows you to read the next blogpost on your feed with just a tap of a button.  
Twitter: We recently joined the twittersphere and it's still taking some time to get used to!  Most of our deals/freebies we find will be tweeted, rather than put into a blogpost.
Imotiv: This may not be a familiar social website to a lot of you guys, but it works really well!  You can follow your favourite blogs and comment all in one app :) As well as bloglovin' works for us, it lacks the commenting feature as you have to visit the full site of that blog in order to comment.  We converted our original blogger commenting system to the imotiv one, so if you comment on our blog (with you imotiv acc) you will get the notification for a reply :) 
Instagram: A lot of random stuff gets posted onto here but most of the time its food haha

In the past month we've been pretty busy with uni, which explains the lack of posts… but we will definitely be posting more frequently now :) 

Pat on the back for making it to the end of this post! x

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