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Another semester has seemingly past right through! Amongst the chaos of exams, pulling all-nighters and skipping lectures (& then regretting them later on T.T) I must admit it has gone by soooooo fast XD. In my fourth year of uni its come to the stage where people are starting to graduate - going their separate ways and in a sense becoming a 'real adult' to full time jobs or postgraduate studies. One of my good friends is an international student and at the end of the semester is leaving to go back home *sobs.* We had been good friends since first year of uni so our group wanted to put a scrapbook together of all the memories.

Now let me introduce you to Printstagram - a company that prints your Instagram photos! I stumbled upon this in my "what to get your friend who's leaving" googling adventures (haha). One of the products they offered was a calender. Basically its a calender with 365 photos, where each day you tear a photo off one by one & then can later on can keep them as decorations or photos themselves. I thought this would be absolutely perfect cos each day she can look photos, so it would be memorable as well as functional!

gift ideas, printstagram, instagram, twoplicates, site review, photos, review, calendar, melbourne, bloggers, beauty

gift ideas, printstagram, instagram, twoplicates, site review, photos, review, calendar, melbourne, bloggers, beauty

This was quite simple. On your computer you just log into your instagram account, select 365 photos and thats about it. You can have more than one copy of the photo in your calender HOWEVER photos are randomised and you can pick certain photos for certain dates. Additionally there are 2 other formats for the calender - one has the dates much bigger that overlays on top of your photos and the other one doesnt have numbers at all - its simply a slab of photos!

$12 flat rate. This means you can order however much you want for the one price! they have really cute other products such as mini books, stickers, posters, frames. If you have a couple of friends I suggest sharing orders to save on shipping. Postage was uberrrr fast. I ordered on a Thursday night and it came Tuesday morning! They use DHL which has tracking & needs to be signed upon arrival. $12 well spent :)

$40. You get 365 prints bound together with dates + a white hinged box.

Overall thoughts:
I absolutely love this calender and embarassingly....would even make one for myself haha .Even though $52 is slightly is completely worth it considering the time (esp if you don't have it)! If you have ever made a scrapbook will know that it's kinda draining haha XD. I think this would be absolutely perfect for anyone! Whether it'd be for Mothers/Fathers day, 21st birthdays, weddings, going away presents. I think it adds a nice personal touch in the photos you add whilst still looking awesome & professionally made!

One of the negatives about it is that its kinda fragile. I flipped through some of the prints & the first few pages came out D: We left some pages blank to write some messages inside but all the man-handling made more photos fall out :(

HOT TIP: Don't flip it too much or else the backing in which the photo is stuck to will become loose & make photos fall out!! HOWEVER if you use it properly and don't man-handle it like we did (lol) I'm sure itd be fine :) I'd still buy this calender and highly recommend regardless. You can still use the prints so it's not a complete waste!

Check it out here:

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. All products were bought with my own money. 

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