OM NOM: Greek Yogurt & Fruit

This is a bit of a different post, but I've always been interested in seeing what other people eat to give myself food ideas. Ever since youtube videos of "What I Ate Today" started happening and showing up on my feed, I've been consistently watching them. This is just a spin on that idea. If I had to give it an accurate title, it'd be more along the lines of "What I've Been Obsessed with Eating Recently." I always have an obsession or like a phase with a meal or an ingredient and it's quite seasonal. Anyways, thought I'd just share it cos food is life and I'm sure many of you share that same train of thought ;)  

First up is greek yoghurt + fruit. This is a really good "first meal of the day" option (I call it first meal for those who don't eat breakfast :P). It's really light, super quick to make and you can literally throw in anything in your fridge or pantry that you fancy. Also, there's very little washing to do after you eat 


   plain greek yoghurt: I really like the Farmers Union one & also the Aldi Lyttos one. If you like something creamy get the full cream one but if you want something thinner in consistency and more sour go for the lite one! Alternatively, you can get the vanilla greek yogurt if the plain one is too much for you. 
   honey: As greek yoghurt is sour, you'll need honey to counteract this. I usually add in a 'swirl' and add to taste. 
✘   fruit: This is obviously seasonal for fresh fruit, but just throw in whatever you like. Don't forget the fruit in the freezer and also canned fruit! At the moment, I'm throwing in mangos, peaches & frozen blueberries. You can also preprepare the fruit for the next day. 
   oats/muesli: This is again optional to add more 'sustenance' and to make you feel 'fuller.' Also adds texture, crunch and sweetness to it. My brand of choice would be Carman's - I like the Clusters with the nuts and muesli. Jordan's and also the organic green box from Aldi is pretty good as well! 

✘   spoon
✘   knife (to cut fruit)

This is literally dead set simple, and kinda self explanatory but I might as well
   Grab your bowl and scoop out as much yogurt as you want
   Drizzle honey, mix with yogurt and taste. Add more honey to taste
   Add fruit & muesli 

When mixed, it's obviously not the prettiest thing haha but there you go! This is what I've been recently eating and what I've been obsessed it :)


  1. omg that looks delish! so yummy! need to up my breakfast game with this!

  2. YUm! I love greek yoghurt and have been having yoghurt for lunch everyday. I feel much better haha

    1. Having it with other toppings changes it up for me haha x