Bottom of the Barrel 005

This second instalment to the collective empties took longer than expected haha oooops. 

mario badescu, rosewater spray, facial spray, etude house, dr mascara fixer, primer, maybelline, fit me, foundation, colossal mascara,
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater 
Personally didn't use this as a spray over day/night creams as they suggest, but more so to set makeup to meld everything together. Although it doesn't hold as well as actual setting sprays, it does make everything look less cakey and less prone to transferring. In combination with job it does in the setting department and the affordable price point, this is totally worth trying if you haven't already.
Repurchase: already have.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick in 220 
I go through these like no other. My main skin concern is the redness I get on my cheeks to be honest, so this provides the go-to medium coverage for everyday wear. It's super fast, and blends well with just the warmth of your fingers (beauty blender/brushes don't work as well with this). Dry, flakey skin is the other concern I sometimes have to deal with but this doesn't accentuate them at all :D
Repurchase: yassss. so many times before
mario badescu, rosewater spray, facial spray, etude house, dr mascara fixer, primer, maybelline, fit me, foundation, colossal mascara,
Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash
The formulation of this is usually a lot whiter than pictured, but I figured it was time to chuck it out because it changed colours lol. This is pretty much a mascara primer that adds extra length onto your lashes, there's no fibres to it but when you keep apply this on your lashes, the formula clings onto the ends of your lashes and builds length from there. The white isn't hard to cover up with a normal mascara on top, probably 10x easier than my previous experiences with non-asian branded white mascara primers. Definitely adds length and prevents your mascara from travelling on your bottom lashes/smudging throughout the day. Must have if you always seem to experience panda eyes at the end of the day.
Repurchase: already have, but different version of this product :)

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express in Waterproof 
I really liked the amount of bristles the brush had, it was really good at ensuring that each lash is coated. I usually coupled this with the mascara primer mentioned above, so it does last 12hr+ with no inch of smudging. On its own, it still smudges and becomes a hot mess within 3 hours, but not blaming it all on the mascara but rather the shape of my eyes because I get this with any mascara tbh haha
Repurchase: maybe a bit later down the track

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Avene Cicalfate
I've gone through so many of these, and it's my go-to product when I'm feeling like my skins unhappy. Whether it be from irritation from another product or from over exfoliation, this helps to speed up the recovery process by maintaining an optimal environment for your skin to heal. Normally, I'd apply this probably once a week, all over my face before I go to bed, and my skin would be pretty rehydrated the next day. A definite must have for me just in case my skin needs some SOS care or even just for maintenance/preventative measures. 
btw, you definitely need a crimper in your life lol
Repurchase: duhhhhh

rosehipplus, hydrating day cream, nourishing night cream,

RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream & Nourishing Night Cream 
I quite enjoyed this, and I even tried taking the nigh cream apart to get the last bit of it out. I found the both of these really pleasant to use, absorbed pretty quickly and experienced no irritation.  The day cream was a little too light for my liking, but I just mixed in a bit of oil with it to make it a bit thicker.  I ended up using the night cream during the day in the end because the consistency was what I looked for in a daytime moisturiser haha. Would recommend to try if you're looking into trying some day/night creams infused with rosehip oil.  
Repurchase: Later down the track :)

daiso cotton pads, biore uv, aqua rich, watery essence, spf50

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++
After testing the formula out in store in Asia last year, I picked this up and haven't looked back. The consistency is runny, very hydrating and didn't feel like a traditional sunscreen at all. I use this as a primer underneath makeup pretty much everyday, and over time I noticed that it did make my t-zone a lot less oily and prolonged my makeup. The hydrating formula makes it feel like you're applying any other moisturiser and the scent isn't reminiscent of the usual sunscreen at all. Pictured is my second tube, which I ended up purchasing off ebay here.
Repurchase: already have  

Daiso Cotton Pads
Total staple. The pads don't break apart, and doesn't leave weird fibres over your face that some other cotton pad brands do. Having tried out a few other brands that Daiso carries, this is the best one out of the bunch haha.
Repurchase: always will :P


  1. I love foundation sticks they are so portable! I'm actually looking for another foundation stick brand, the shiseido ones I've been using are too pricey, i think i'll give mmaybelline a go :)

    1. Yeah the maybelline one is for sure a lot more affordable x

  2. Great empties roundup! I am really loving Mario Badescu skincare lately. They're glycolic toner is really nice. xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  3. Maybelline foundation and rosehip oil, both products are great and affordable, I have finished my 30ml bottle but foundation is still more than half.

    1. the 30ml bottle always seem to be used up super quick! x