Better Skin with Maybelline SuperStay

Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin Foundation and Concealer is their first vitamin enriched longwear foundation with Acetyl-C, which claims to improve skin’s appearance after 3 weeks, making it look and feel healthier and energised.  With a total of 8 foundation shades (RRP $23.95), as well as 2 concealer shades (RRP $14.95), it might be a little hard to find a perfect match of foundation colour- let alone a perfect concealer shade.
We initially tried this foundation, however it broke us out, so we passed this combo onto our friend to review (thanks E!)

The foundation claims to have flawless, lightweight all day coverage while evening out skin tone, brightening the dull areas, reducing redness and giving you a more hydrated, supple complexion.
I have combination/oily skin, which freaks out during the winter months, which leaves me with a ton of hyperpigmentation scars during the next few months, so I was excited to try this baby out when asked to review it.

The foundation comes in a 30mL clear glass bottle with a clear plastic lid, and a pump nozzle. The lid comes with a little groove that clicks into place, so you probably don’t have to worry about it coming off when travelling.  The pump nozzle makes it easy to control the amount of product dispensed and makes the whole process that much more hygienic :).  As it does come in a glass bottle, whilst sturdy, it can get quite heavy, so probably not something to be carrying around in your bag.  In terms of scent, it smells like any other typical foundation- which you can’t really smell unless you’re super close to it.  The consistency is pretty thick, and does not run at all .. No matter how hard you shake your hand..

maybelline superstay super stay better skin foundation concealer review beauty makeup blogger twoplicates melbourne swatch before and after When applied with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush, one layer of foundation gives a light coverage, which doesn’t completely cover my hyperpigmentation - which is surprising, given its thicker consistency.  Another layer of foundation doesn’t make my face look cakey, and is definitely buildable to a medium coverage.

The shade matches me fairly well but it has a pink undertone, which is obvious on my yellow-undertone skin; so definitely make sure to blend well, and bring it down your neck.  This foundation sets fairly quickly, with a matte finish.

The concealer has the same claims as as the foundation, but also covers imperfections, and reduces dark circles.  Coming in a small 11mL squeeze tube, the packaging is sure to remind you of the lipglosses from back in the day.  The concealer smells the same as its counterpart, only with a thinner consistency in comparison.
The concealer isn’t as great as the foundation.  Although the coverage was decent, and covered my hyperpigmentation scars well; it did make my under eyes look quite cakey, and started sinking into the fine lines not long after it was applied.

maybelline superstay super stay better skin foundation concealer review beauty makeup blogger twoplicates melbourne swatch before and after

Overall, I definitely prefer the foundation to the concealer. It's lightweight, provides great coverage and lasts a really long time; making it great for everyday wear.  It wasn’t slipping and sliding all overthe place even after it hit the 6-hour mark and looked almost as good as it did when first applied.  Keep in mind that although this does look great in natural lighting, you might find yourself looking a little ghost faced in flash photography.
It might just be my skin acting up, but after only a few days of using this, I did break out. I do recommend this foundation to those with less sensitive skin though!


  1. I'm always a little iffy about Maybelline bases. I can never seem to find a good colour match from the brand. The only Maybelline foundation that has piqued my interest is the FitMe range. I do think the better skin has provided good coverage but a bummer about the breakout.

  2. Great review! I'm sorry to hear it broke you ladies out though! I saw swatches of all the shades but I have a feeling even the lightest shade is too dark for me! I do think the foundation does an awesome job! It looks fabulous on!

  3. Is the entire shade range pink toned, or is it just that shade specifically? But seriously, TWO SHADES??? I'm fortunate that I haven't experienced any breakouts from a foundation yet!

    1. (Well, two shades of concealer...who even thought that was a good idea??????)

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