Priceline 30 days of FAB, Jamie Durie & People for Plants!

Long time no post! We've been relatively busy these last two months, but we had the opportunity to attend the Priceline 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty at the Melbourne Bourke St. location.  
A quick rundown of what happened during the day: 

► Cosmopolitan Magazine's beauty editor Alexis Teasdale held a workshop teaching neat tips and tricks about makeup on Jesinta Campbell :)
► Jamie Durie spoke about his People with Plants brand; passed around some of the main ingredients that were infused into the products, alongside entertaining stories of his travels!
► Cake cutting! The massive pink cake was cut to celebrate the Bourke Street store becoming a Priceline Pharmacy woo!

Here's a quick snap of Jesinta Campbell, the adorable mini mini cupcakes that were passed around (should've taken a side view shot) and the cake cutting with Jesinta, Alexis, and Jamie from the right.

So near the end of Jamie Durie's talk on People for Plants, we were all told to reach under our seats for a Bulgarian rose (not too sure if this was the name of it!), and there was indeed one underneath Monica's chair! It caught us by surprise and pictured below is the box of goodies that was received :)

Obviously we both got the goodie bags, but you've seen enough of those pictures on blogger by now!
Overall we had a great day and look forward to attending next year as well! 

On another note, John Frieda is having a little sample drive on their facebook page where you can try their Full Repair, Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner, all you need to do is follow this link and fill out the entry form :) 
Hopefully posting would revert back to normal once October rolls around; thanks for being patient :3


  1. Looks like you guys had a ball! The goodies look fab!

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