Beauty Addition 009: Lipstick Republic

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Date Ordered: 8th August
Date Dispatched: 12th August
Date Arrived: 13th August

In light of celebrating Lipstick Republic reaching 3000 likes on their facebook page, they generously offered 20% off storewide :D Obviously we have issues with controlling our spending, so it didn't take much for us to make a cart and check out with the goodies that aren't readily accessible in the land down under.

Sleek MakeUP: i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette- Au Naturel (Nude) $14.95
If you have ventured through our journey of hauls, you would've known we have a few too many nude eyeshadow palettes by now.  However, in my defence, nude colours will forever be more wearable so... the more the merrier right?  I have been eyeing Sleek palettes for absolutely ages and finally I got my hands on them!  There's something about the cross-hatches in the embossing that really gets me O.o

Sleek MakeUP: i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette- Storm $14.95
I'm trying to branch out to other colours, but the main reason why I got this was probably due to the cult favourite status that it has.  Had the hardest time choosing between this palette or the Oh So Special one... I probably should've gotten the latter as well to prevent future regrets haha

Sleek MakeUP: Face Contour Kit- Light $9.95 (X2)
Really liked the compactness of this little palette; very slim and portable. A lot of beauty Youtubers, namely fleurdeforce, have recommended it as an affordable well-pigmented bronzer.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC): Conceal- Y1 $20.00
I was browsing the "New" tab on Lipstick Republic and came across this product. I'm on the hunt for a new concealer (particularly for my undereyes) so thought why not considering the affordable price for a well known brand. A quick google later, temptalia came up and she gave this an A+ with full marks. One thing that really impressed me was the colour range - both having red and yellow based shades. 

NYX: HD Photogenic Concealer- CW03 $9.00
This was a cart filler to be qualified for the free shipping, as the other items we wanted were either out of stock *cough BEAUTYBLENDER cough*, or the colour available was just not what I was after.
I wasn't too sure if this was my shade, as nobody seemed to list their shade in their reviews/swatches that came up on google, so off with gut feeling I went.

We had a good experience with Lipstick Republic; plus they were really prompt with twitter replies, which is evidence of great customer service :)  Our package came quicker than expected and everything was wrapped and protected well. Additionally they threw in a free lipstick which was really nice of them. The only downside with this site was the availability of items; the Beauty Blender was one of those items where we were completely sure about buying, however it was out of stock after an hour of announcing the storewide sale.  Skimming through some of their updates on Facebook that night, they did state they had some issues with getting the stock- which is understandable considering factors like customs, shipping and yet they're offering it at a competitive RRP.  Overall we do recommend the site and would purchase stuff from there again!

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