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Without a doubt, I'm sure everyone has whispered the words "I really need to stop spending." Following this, there comes the ultimate proclamation of the "spending ban."  For a couple of days you are good and practice self control until there's this one item that catches your eye.  You ummm and you ahhhh and you convince yourself that it's only one item & that you deserve it for being SOOOOO good these past few days.  You splurge and then it comes around to "I really need to stop spending." Consequently, you somehow find yourself back to square one - restarting the cycle! Yup.  Guilty as charged *puts hand up*

Honestly, we're horrible at saving and have a real good talent at spending :P (evidence with all our hauls!) One of the main problems is that we don't have hard figures of where our money is going. Whether it be food, clothes, makeup, petrol, groceries, online shopping, phone bills etc. Additionally, we don't have any goals to save money....

Let's introduce myprosperity.  Myprosperity is a website that allows you to manage your finances by securely linking your bank accounts, credit cards, property, car & more all in one place! It can connect all your financial accounts together (whether it be the same or different institutions) to let you see the "global" picture of your spending.  Additionally it can help you set goals & budgets to help you save!

Signing Up: A quick and secure process by entering the usual signing up details. It provides you with a quick run through of how to use the site and its' benefits to maximum potential, and it's FREE!

Linking Your Bank Accounts: This was quite simple. Select the type of account, the bank institution & enter your details like you would for netbanking.  Whilst saying took me 3 tries before my account linked with myprosperity.  Once it finally accepted my details & linked (taking about less than 5 minutes), it gave me an overview of "mywealth" - categorising everything in neat tabs. As neither of us have cars or houses, these were unapplicable to us, however they do offer free valuation of how much your car and house is worth- super convenient!

Website Layout: The layout I think is standout as it is colourful, organised and very neat! At the top you have an overview of the important aspects such as cash flow, your score in the goals you have set up, notifications and also your net worth.  Below that, it has tabs giving you further information. One of the things that I really like is the fact that you can expand & compress each of the tabs avoiding your screen getting messy!  Just a thing for detail, once you expand a tab, the bar turns from blue to green which I think is a really nice touch.  Another neat feature worth pointing out is that you can upload your receipts!  As an avid receipt collector, my wallet is usually fat from the abundance of receipts (not cash, sadly) and it really gets heavy over time, so being able to take a picture and upload those receipts is also really convenient... and helps me let go haha.

Getting into the nitty gritty, my favourite tab would have to be the cashflow tab! It gives an overview of incomes and expenses. If you further click on incomes & expenses, it expands and drops out another tab, automatically categorising your spending in categories.  From income it may be from transfers or the income itself.  In expenses, it can categorise it into online spending, other expenses and service fees & charges (which you may not have realised you have been charged to begin with!).  If you further click on this tab again, it'll take you to the date and the exact details of your transaction. Convenient for those who don't remember exactly what they've spent!  There's also a myprosperity score; which is calculated from your goals and your current financial situation- so you will wanna see that value rise!

Overall this website is useful for those who rely heavily on the wonderful but deadly piece of plastic.  It's a really convenient and thoughtful website that bundles everything from your bank accounts, to loans, shares and even assets like your car and property all in one; all whilst knowing how close you are to your personalised set goals.  Nowadays, it's so easy to just scan your card and off you go with your new purchases, but every little purchase just adds up and then later you're faced with the regret of "what was I thinking".  I'm sure the scenarios we touched on are all too familiar to some, but now we can keep track of everything- no more separate excel sheets to worry about :) Best of all it's free!

If you are interested in trying myprosperity, click here :)


Note: This website is reviewed as part of Nuffnang Product Talk.
All thoughts and opinions are honest and true to personal experience.

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