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Ebay is a great platform to buy and sell items. From stationary, jewellery, clothing & technology pieces - (almost) everything imaginable can be searched with access to both local and international sellers. Over the past 6-12 months we have purchased various items and we thought it was about time to share some of those with you!

Belt Hole Puncher // $5.90 // Buy Me
This is particularly useful for punching them extra holes in belts.  I'm sure you've had the problem of coming across a really nice belt, but the only sizes left over are M/L so you hold back from buying it. So this is a solution to those problems :D  It comes with 6 different sizes, so I'd say it's a versatile item to have handy- whether it'll be for altering belt sizes, bag straps or ankle straps on shoes!

5 x Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 5 // $1.99 // Buy Me
I found this deal initally on Ozbargain, during when it was listed as $1 for 5 front + 5 back protecting films.  This wasn't something I needed, but rather having some lying around if my current screen protector decides to burp some bubbles.  I do question if I'd ever use the back films...but nevertheless, it's a great deal; and it's from an Australian seller :D

Finger Shape Post It Notes // $2.49 // Buy Me
I think these add a bit of fun to studying! I tab accordingly to how I feel about certain topics & somehow that makes me feel better. The sticky end could be slightly more stickier but the novelty factor makes up for it!

Spiked Bracelet // $1.34 // Buy Me
These are really lightweight and have an elastic band. I'm sure if you ebay around there will be other variations of this! Its a little big on my wrist so caution to the wind for those girls who have slim wrists.

Bamboo Stylus for Ipad etc // $28.50 // Buy Me
Mainly got this for uni to annotate lecture notes. I'm the type of person who likes writing on paper but I'm too unorganised to actually print them out beforehand so this is a good alternative for me! Its a decent weight and has a hollow firm rubber tip. Sensitivity and functionality is fairly good. My favourite thing is the colour! Its just such a nice blueeee :) I wish it had a magnet or something so I could attach it to my ipad instead of keeping it in my pencil case - just me being picky.

Studded Headband // ~$2.16  //Buy Me
I bought this about a year ago when it wasn't so popular & had bought it for around $5 & now its a fraction of that price! *sigh* It has a metal band which kinda hurts after a while but I think that's the case for the majority of metal headbands anyway. The spacing and height of the studs are really good. I think it looks more "softer" & is really good to jazz up an outfit!

{Seller}: Maclife.2011
Purple Silicone Keyboard Cover // $5.09 // Buy Me
TPU Keyboard Cover // $5.09 // Buy Me
MacBook Hard Cover Case // $16.14 // Buy Me
I purchased the above items in the above order.
Keyboard Covers: Out of the two, I much prefer the TPU one- it's more light weight, feels more like the original keyboard, and doesn't gather dust.  Ever since the latter arrived, I have not even touched the silicone one just because key pressing takes more effort and everything just seems to stick to it. Literally everything.  If you are looking for a coloured TPU cover; they are available but the downside is that the colour covers the entire keyboard- rather differentiating each key colour like the silicone one does.  In terms of practicality and cleanliness- I definitely recommend the TPU version.
If you refer to the images below, the TPU cover looks dirty and it's basically from the natural oils of your fingers lol, but don't worry, it's not obvious as the mac keyboard is black, and you can wash it as often as you please.
Case: There are 4 "series" of the macbook cases, and as with any customising fanatic; I agonised over which to get for aaaages! In the end I chose the "Crystal Series: See through color", and it fits perfectly!  As soon as it arrived in the mail, popped it on, and sent a picture to almost everyone :P  Something to keep in mind for the Crystal type is that I find it really difficult to remove it after I snapped it on, especially the lid portion.
It's been quite a few months since I purchased this but I still admire it with love heart eyes (lol don't judge).
Overall, I highly recommend getting your accessories from this seller: they reply to your enquiries really quick, shipping is decent (around 2 weeks I think) and the quality is great, all contributing to a 5 star ebay experience :)

Triangle Printed Collar Necklace // $3.99 // Buy Me
Being black and gold, it's pretty versatile; although the necklace chain was shorter than I expected and the printed metal plate was thinner, but overall a nice piece to have.

  • For most of these items, you could Ebay around and find a cheaper price. In some cases, I prefer an Australian seller just because I'd rather pay that extra money for it to come faster (within a week). 
  • There are no pictures provided for some of our buys because the items were pretty much the same as the ones listed by the respective Ebay sellers.
What were your recent Ebay purchases?

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